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Learn the steps of going from E to P, when to make them and more importantly, how to implement them. Learn industry-tested tools + techniques to shift from running your business as an entrepreneur to running your business like a CEO.

  • 45 minute group coaching calls on a live call weekly for 24 calls with time for Q&A

  • Small group setting to provide maximum value + interaction with all members

  • ½ off registration fee to our annual winter Summit and annual summer Retreat

  • Free access to local Glover U events

  • Comprehensive analysis of profit and loss statements, and how to interpret them

  • Deep dive into the 5 models of business building

  • Topics on recruiting, hiring and on-boarding

  • Topics on coaching + training your agents or team

  • Glover U Business Planner with 2020 Business Plan included

  • Business Foundations - Building the Proper Framework

  • Performance & Execution - Mastering Growth & Profitability

  • Scaling the Empire - Taking Territory & Lapping the Competition

  • Creating an Empire big enough to hold the empire of everyone in your business

  • Goal Setting - Best Practices in Crafting and Following a Meaningful 1-3-5

  • Identifying and Tracking the Key Performance Indicators for your business

  • Components from the Six Personal Perspectives

  • Crafting a Unique Value Prop and/or Unique Selling Proposition


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Lindsey Erhardt

Business Mastery, taught by Matt Sutter, is a refreshing perspective that combines leadership and financial responsibility.  Matt give a lot of clarity and calls out the false beliefs that business owners, like myself, have misunderstood in the past.  As a team leader, I am able to guide agents confidently in their own business plan, lead intentionally in the midst of a pandemic, and have better discussions about the forecast of our team's finances and growth with the rainmaker of the team.  I'm really grateful for this course, the relevant homework assignments and how my leadership and financial muscles are challenged to grow!

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Darren Sager

What interested me most about Matt Sutter's Business Mastery Coaching was access to a coach with vast exposure on the best practices learned from some of the most knowledgeable real estate teams, brokers and leaders from around the country.  It was information that I was looking for over many years, but it never seemed attainable in one place.  The Business Mastery Coaching is a worthy investment, giving me the tools and information of which I've wanted for a very long time.  Thanks Matt, and thanks Glover U!

Cheesette Cowan

Matt is by far one of the most thorough business coaches I have ever seen. I love how he balances the practical with the emotional side of business and speaks to who we are as people and leaders while giving out THE absolute best and most practical business experience EVER. Since his class started I have grown as a leader and in my awareness of who I need to become in order for my business to continue growing and functioning at a high level. The classes have been both in-depth and introspective and have really forced me to take a hard look at many aspects of my business that I honestly didn’t even realize were impacting my success. I highly recommend this class to anyone in business who thinks they are already where they need to be as well as the beginning entrepreneur who is just starting and wants to make sure they are grounded and prepared for the road ahead. Matt is thorough, patient, kind and super knowledgeable about all things business and you will never regret any time or money you invest in yourself through any class he teaches.