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Maximizing Your Takeaways: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Glover U Real Estate Conferences

Committing to a real estate conference is a big deal. Showing up to the conference is a bigger deal. Actually applying what you’ve learned from that conference is the biggest deal.

When you go to a conference, you get all the feels, all the excitement, all the motivation, everything that causes you to feel like you could take over the world. And then, you go home. When you get home you fall back into your routines, you fall back into what’s comfortable and it may seem as if that conference you went to actually ended up being a complete waste. So how do you fix that? How do you take all that information and energy and get it implemented into your business and carry it on for several months or at least until the next one?

I took a look at everything we’ve done through the years to get the most out of conferences and what works and what doesn’t and made a simple checklist for you to follow to absolutely get the best bang for your buck moving forward. Check it out:

Tips For Coaches/Leaders/Brokers/Owners:

  1. Have your agents on a panel

  2. Teach to your team and/or brokerage

  3. Share some of the content with your recruits (think email blasts)

  4. For those that didn’t attend, bring them up to speed on the important messages

  5. Carry the workbook in your work bag or purse for the next 6 months

  6. Help agents get ideas for the business plans by sharing relevant notes

  7. During the event, host zooms or conference calls with your ten best takeaways from the previous day with those back home

  8. During the event, have daily debriefs to get your agents sharing and collaborating their best takeaways, for those in attendance

  9. Share the content or your favorite talks with your recruits in your next meeting with them

  10. During your next sales or team meeting, ask all of your agents to bring their workbooks to present no less than 2 and no more than 3 ah-has and press them on how they plan to take action on what they share

  11. Reach out to potential recruits and say “I was at a conference and they were talking about X and I was thinking of you. Would you like a copy of my notes? Let’s meet next week!”

  12. Get your team/brokerage signed up for the next event while they are on a “high”!

Tips for Agents:

  1. Split your notes into three categories - 1. do now, 2. do this year (with deadlines), 3. do someday & post in front of you

  2. Join a mastermind group that meets once monthly to take execution & challenges

  3. Go back and re-watch your favorite sessions (if poss) & listen for things missed

  4. Teach your favorite segment to your team and/or brokerage

  5. Share your favorite segment on facebook live to help with agent referrals

  6. Carry the workbook in your work bag or purse for the next 6 months

  7. Go back and review your business plan and make any adjustments based on what you learned

  8. Reach out to your new role play & accountability partners from the event and set up times to meet asap

  9. Start a thread in the Inner Circle asking for everyone's top take a ways and what they have done to take action since the event ended

  10. Go sign up for the next event!

Attending a real estate conference can be a valuable experience for both agents and coaches/leaders/brokers/owners. However, to truly make the most of the event, it's important to take action immediately and implement the information learned. The checklist provided above can help you turn your conference experience into real results. Whether it's organizing daily debriefs with your team, reaching out to potential recruits, or re-watching favorite sessions, there are numerous ways to keep the conference momentum going long after the event is over. With a little effort and dedication, you can make your conference experience a game changer for your real estate business.


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