This is the sales system that Jeff used when growing his business from 30 transactions a year to over 1,000 transactions a year. This comprehensive sales training program consists of 20 skill sets that are still used at Jeff's company to this day. DVDs include Jeff's live Listing and Buyer Presentations, How to Handle Seller Objections and More!


The Real Estate Truths - Learn the truth about the Real Estate business. Uncover your strengths and weaknesses, upfront, so you know what to focus on during this training program. Discover a simple formula for determining the best way to set your goals in this business!


Getting the Most Out of the Day - In this session Jeff teaches you how to master your schedule like a CEO. Not only does he cover what it takes to be a productive Real Estate Sales Professional, he walks you through, step-by-step a day in the life of his business!


Lead Generation - There are many ways to build a business, watch as Jeff takes you through the most profitable and fastest ways to build a business. Without leads, nothing else happens. Learn how to never be without a lead again!


Building your Database - Also known as the "databank", in this session Jeff teaches you how to build a database quickly, even if you are a brand new agent. As you become a more productive and profitable agent Jeff walks you through how to get the most out of this group!


Lead Conversion - Once you've mastered the Lead Generation it is critical you not only have the skill but also a system for converting all of the leads you generate. Jeff teaches you the exact system that is used in his business today, which is generating over 1000 closings per year!


Pre-Qualifying for Motivation - All professionals qualify so why wouldn't you do so as a Real Estate Sales Professional? Jeff walks you through his exact pre-qualifying process and shows agents how through this process you can actually increase the amount of contracts you get signed!


The Jeff Glover & Associates Listing Presentation - Jeff walks you through step by step what a home run listing presentation should consist of. Jeff and his agents average 65%+ of appointments gone on to listings taken and in this session Jeff covers the components necessary to secure the most listings in your market!


Strategic Pricing & Price Reductions - Most listings are won and lost in the pricing discussion. In this session Jeff shows you not only how to present pricing properly but also how to effective get consistent price reductions when they aren't priced properly!


Objection Handling - Objection are really just questions from people who want to work with you. In this powerful segment Jeff shows you his strategy for "dis-arming" the prospect and handling objections with ease. Learn the 5 rules of handling objections and never get stumped again!


Common Objections & Answers "Live" - During one of Jeff's favorite sessions, Jeff handles every objection that you could ever encounter from both buyers and sellers. Jeff also gives you multiple ways to handle each objection, depending on the personality type of the person you are speaking to. Go ahead, see if you can stump Jeff!


Buyer Efficiency - Who says you can't build a BIG business working buyers? In this session Jeff shows you how you can increase your buyer controlled sales while also getting more of your time back and ultimately, increasing you net!


Effective Closing & Negotiating - Think you have what it takes to close for a signature every single time? In this session, Jeff shows you the exact methods he uses to get more contracts signed. The key to more sales is through negotiating and closing!


Becoming a Script Master - How many times have you heard..."you need to learn scripts" or "don't forget to role-play"? In this action-packed session, Jeff takes you through the exact steps that he took to become a script master. It's not just about reading and reciting scripts, it's about internalizing and making them your own!


Communication Styles - There are four different types of people we communicate with on a regular basis. When you are speaking to someone you are speaking in your "style"...imagine if you could adapt to everyone else's style. In this session, Jeff shows you not only how to identify the style of the person you are speaking to but also how to adapt to them!


Business Planning - Every successful business owner needs a business plan. Learn how Jeff puts together a plan each year for their team as well as the individual agent business plans that his agents use still to this day!


Delivering an Unreal Customer Experience - If you haven't figured it out by now, Jeff's mission is for everyone to live an unreal life to deliver an unreal experience. In this session learn what a truly "Unreal Experience" looks like with each and everyone of your transactions. 


Mindset & Goal Setting - How can you show up and perform each day if your mind isn't right and more importantly if you don't know WHY you are doing what you are doing. In this powerful session Jeff shows you exactly how to get your mind right to start each day and how to set goals that keep you excited each week!


Leveraging your Time & Money - Once you are at a point where you have more business than you can handle it is time to start delegating so you can keep yourself focused on the activities that bring the highest dollars per hour your way. Jeff will walk you through the first, second, third and so on of hires you should make in the process of building a BIG business. 


The Jeff Glover & Associates Buyer Presentation "LIVE" - Watch as Jeff presents his exact Buyer Consultation to buyers that are shopping agents!


The Jeff Glover & Associates Listing Presentation "LIVE" - Watch as Jeff presents his exact Seller Consultation to sellers that are interviewing agents!



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