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This 18 week series titled re|LEAD covers everything an agent who is running a team or leading a real estate brokerage needs to know about Real Estate Team Leadership and is completely FREE. We have found that if agents are learning, growing, making money and having fun they have no reason to leave and we look forward to sharing with you and your best agents how we climbed to the #1 Real Estate Team in Michigan and Top 25 in the country of all brands according to Real Trends. During the 18 week series we will be covering:

  • Recruiting Plans

  • Putting together a Policy & Procedures Manual

  • Conducting Productive Sales Meetings

  • Best Agent Coaching Strategies

  • Developing and Running Sales Contests

  • Built-in Recognition Systems

  • Financials & Profitability

  • Building a Culture Built on Production

  • & Much, much more!

THIS WEEK: JULY 1ST: 12 Business & Marketing Strategies to Deploy in Q3