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Feeling like you have major FOMO because you missed the 2020 Live Unreal Summit in Orlando, well here's your chance to watch!

At the 2020 Live Unreal Summit the audience spent three days immersing ourselves in everything we need to know and do to get the absolute highest return on investment from our databases, all the while building a bigger business. What started as Jeff's event exclusively for his team, has now been opened to the public. Why would Jeff do this? The answer is simple...Jeff's passion for training and coaching others to accomplish what he and his team have accomplished has exceeded all other passions of Jeff's. Jeff believes in living an UNREAL and an ABUNDANT life and wants everyone he comes in contact with to do the same.


Here's what the Summit Replay Includes:

  • 21 Ways to Build a Massive Database with Jeff Glover

  • 15 Top Agent Interviews on how to add VALUE to Generate Repeat and Referral Business

  • Going from Salesperson to Businessperson with Keynote, Matt Sutter

  • Keynote Session on How to Be the Disruptor with The Ritz Carlton Experience Guru, Bruce Himelstein

  • Keynote Session on Creating a "WOW" Experience with Best Selling Author, John Murphy

  • How to Develop a Millionaire Mindset with Jeff Glover

  • Shocking Story Told for the first time ever with Top Producer, Sarah Rocco

  • The Behind the Scenes Steps Required to go from 100 to 1,000 Transactions with Taylor Kerrigan

  • Jeff Interviews #1 Agent in the U.S. on How They Close over 2,000 Transactions Annually

  • & Much, Much More!


You will receive all of the above for less than 200 bucks and you didn't even have to board a plane! Click the link here to gain access and Live Unreal!


Not familiar with Jeff and Glover U? Unlike the others, Jeff is the ONLY Real Estate Sales and Business coach that is selling over 100 homes a year PERSONALLY (and has now for ten years) and he is prepared to share with you how he does it. While most are touting something they accomplished ten years ago or even worse never at all, Jeff is walking the talk each and every day with his team. Come see why no other trainer on the circuit today is sharing what Jeff is sharing.