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become a master


  • The same scripts, objection handlers and closes used by Jeff & his team

  • Every lead generation source outlined with proven strategies & marketing material to go with them

  • A detailed business plan, the same business plan Jeff uses with his agents

  • Jeff's proven lead follow up system

  • The exact Neuro Linguistic Program as written by Jeff and taught to his team annually

  • Master your Listing Presentation and Processes with the Listing Master himself

  • Jeff's exclusive Buying Power Presentation & Conversion strategy

  • A time-tested, bullet proof schedule designed for quick productivity and closings\ 

  • The Unreal Customer Service Platform and Reviews System (become #1 in your market for online reviews!)

  • Pricing, Price Reduction & Marketing strategies used by Jeff & his team to sell over 500 listings annually

  • Master your database through the NEW Database Formula & Value Proposition to generate nearly 400 sales yearly

  • And above all, Become a Master Salesperson!

You may access the sessions and the interactive learning experience with questions and answers an unlimited amount of times in the 12 month period which begins upon receipt of your access to all 24 sessions.

Jeff speaking at a seminar
Work Desk
B. Lucido

Jeff coached our team of approximately 100 agents on accountability, lead gen, getting out of your comfort zone and taking charge with your business. Our team was thoroughly impressed. The great thing about Jeff is while others teach it, Jeff actually is in the trenches doing it on a daily basis. Jeff is a total winner and knows his stuff. His delivery and warm personality make him a speaker everyone wants to listen to. I would love to recruit people like Jeff to our team. Our team is better today because we had Jeff share with them his techniques. Thank you.

- B. Lucido

K. Schroder

Glover U does an amazing job breaking down each piece of what running a business entails, while coaching you step by step on how to set yourself up for continued success and growth for years to come. We walked in with a basic blueprint, and left with a bulletproof plan that gives us confidence for our future. 

- K. Schrader

The SLS Group Coaching Program is actually broken down into 24 sessions. We start with, and for the first time ever, Jeff shares his exact Sales System...the very system that agents on his team get exposure to each and every day. If you weren't aware, to this day, Jeff believes the difference between the success of his sales team and his competitors is directly related to the level of sales skills that his agents develop in the early days of joining his firm. In part one Jeff walks attendees through the scripts, communication styles, objection handlers, closes, body language, tonality, mindset/beliefs and the neuro linguistic programming necessary to become a Master Salesperson. 


In part two, Jeff walks each coaching client through the exact lead generation techniques he and his team use to close nearly 1,000 transactions annually. Everything from mastering each source, including internet leads, social media, expireds, fsbos, circle prospecting, database and mass advertising. Literally EVERY lead generation source will be covered in detail with actual examples and techniques they use to generate nearly 80 listings taken per month! 


In part three of the 24 sessions, Jeff takes the group through the exact systems he and his agents use to average 33 closings per agent annually, one of the highest average per person closed units for a team in the country! Jeff covers everything from the schedule, CRM, follow up systems, buyer lead programs and an actual system to duplicate your results over and over each day without extra effort. 

Work Desk
M. Llewellyn

Coaching with Glover U has been so amazing and eye opening!  I have been given the tools and resources that allow me to plan out the future of my business.  I love how it is hands on and I'm able to take one piece of my business each week to look at with the tools and resources provided to me. The whirlwind that we face everyday will overtake you and your business which will hold you back from where you want to go.  By going through Glover U Coaching I now have a focused plan that will allow my business to flourish and allow me to live a life of purpose!

- M. Llewellyn

D. Sager

What interested me most about Glover U Coaching was access to a coach with vast exposure on the best practices learned from some of the most knowledgeable real estate teams, brokers and leaders from around the country.  It was information that I was looking for over many years, but it never seemed attainable in one place.  The Coaching is a worthy investment, giving me the tools and information of which I've wanted for a very long time.  Thanks Matt, and thanks Glover U!

- D. Sager

Class information:

12 Weeks with 24 Sessions

$299 Total Investment

Sessions are recorded & available for replay