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NOTE: You do not need to register for breakouts. Just attend whichever session you'd like each day.

Three of the four days of the Live Unreal Summit include a number of hyper-focused breakout sessions. Each session is a deep dive into a specific real estate business idea or tactic. You choose which sessions to attend!


Creating a Bulletproof Mindset Filled with Emotional Resilience

Coach: Sarita Dua

If you joined us on the 17 Ways to Win in the New Market Tour then you know this was point number one that Jeff started with, and in fact, Jeff believes this will be the single greatest differentiator of those that succeed versus those that don’t in the new market. There’s a reason why the best of the best ALWAYS talk about having a strong mindset… want to learn how they do it? Then join us in this session. 

Agent Attraction in a Shifting Market: Brokerage & Team Value Propositions
Coach: Kim Zuroff

In an unstable market agents start looking for answers and sometimes it's your own! During this breakout session you'll learn the latest value adds that Jeff and his coaches are using to attract agents to their brokerage or teams and more importantly how to keep them once there! 

Convert More Buyers Using the A-L-M Model
Coach: Nick Bellmore

Today’s buyers are savvy and they don’t want to sit through another boring Buyer Consultation so give them what they want and by doing so you’ll close more deals. Learn the method that Jeff & his team have been using for the last 18 months to increase their buyer closed business by over 20% and close more buyer deals yourself! 

Building an Inside Sales Team the Right Way
Coach: Dylan Duckworth

Learn the ins and outs of exactly how Jeff built their ISA team from the ground up starting all the way back with their first hire in 2009! Jeff was one of the original implementers of the ISA model and they have trial and errored everything you can think of when it comes to this critical piece in your growing team or brokerage. Learn how to hire, onboard and continually train your ISA team for success with both buyer and seller leads. 

Writing & Speaking Good Copy That Gets Noticed
Coach: Matt Marsoupian

Your social media, messaging, emails or any advertisement for that matter, can be made or broken based on how well your copy is written. Good copy is a hidden secret in the advertising world and can absolutely be a differentiating factor in your content getting good engagement and responses or none at all. Join us in this breakout to find out exactly what the pros are doing to generate leads through strong copy. 

Turn Your Customer Experience Into a Lead Generation Tool 
Coach: Taylor Cornfield

We know we're supposed to give good service, right? But, did you know your client experience can be one of your biggest lead generation levers? During this session, you'll learn what to do or change in this new market to provide an unreal experience for your clients and just how to turn that experience into a tool to generate more leads for your business!


Master Short & Long Form Video to Close More Deals

Coach: Greg Erlanger

By popular request, we have added this breakout for those wishing to take their video skills to the next level. Learn the difference between short and long form video and more importantly the proven strategies and techniques for creating video content that gets you noticed in your market!


Own the Morning, Win the Day: Setting a Schedule for Success in Business & Life

Coach: Sarita Dua

In a shifting market, work ethic is something that must be improved but how do you do it without sacrificing what's important to you? During this session you'll learn what some of our top clients and coaches are doing, specifically in their morning routines, to remain in balance and harmony with their personal lives while still increasing production.


Real Estate Leadership Unplugged: Extended Conversation

Coach: Jeff Glover & Surprise Team Member

Join Jeff & the newly announced member of his leadership and coaching team for an extended, deeper conversation specifically around how to go from Salesperson to CEO. Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to build a team and brokerage worth owning and maintaining an environment that not only retains but attracts agents to your side. 


Show Less, Sell More: How to Work Buyers More Efficiently in 2023

Coach: Nick Bellmore

With the changing market, all of the sudden buyers want to look at more homes, give you more objections, write more low ball offers and take up more of your valuable time. Learn how to work buyers in the new market using our proven buyer models to help you have more buyer sales, while getting more time back in your day. 


Prospect Your Way to 100 Deals a Year

Coach: Justin Ford

Things change and so do you. During this session, you'll learn how to take advantage of the phones and the latest methods for prospecting your way to 100 deals annually. Learn the best phone methods and scripts for today's new market and live your most unreal life. 


Winning with Your Database & Client Events in 2023

Coaches: Taylor Kerrigan & Sarah Huffman

When was the last time you did an audit of your database value proposition? Still sending out reminders to set the clocks back? Yeah.. it's time for your value prop to your database to get a makeover. During this session you'll learn the latest and greatest value adds that today's consumer values, everything from what you're sending them to the types of events you should be doing.


Recruiting Talent to Your Sales & Leadership Bench

Coach: Kim Zuroff

Learn the tactics used today to recruit & attract producing agents to your team or brokerage and start the process of building out your leadership bench. The same old recruiting tactics don’t work like they used to, especially for experienced agents. Learn how to identify & get into relationships with emerging leaders in your market so you can bring them into your world and take market share with them! 


Dominate FSBOs & Expireds

Coach: Justin Ford

The original sources of listings for Jeff, and still in his top three listing sources today, are Expireds and FSBOs. With the market slowing, more and more expired’s are showing up every day and for sale by owners needing our help again. These sources of bottom of funnel listings are right up there with any other source that converts regularly for you. Learn how to master both and take more market share with listings in 2023.


Open House Strategies that Win in Today's Market

Coach: Matt Marsoupian

In the last market, buyers exhausted all options to learn about real estate, including lining up out the door for open houses hoping to be the “chosen ones”. Today, attendance at open houses is lower yet there’s ways to maximize your time spent doing them. In a normal market, more sellers explore open houses because they can take their time shopping and more buyers will be interviewing agents to help them get a good deal on a home. During this session you’ll learn how to capture and convert both!


Hire Slow, Fire Fast: Proven Methods for Building Out Your Internal Teams

Coach: Taylor Kerrigan

Your Ops, Showing Agent & ISA team are the backbone of your organization. They are the keeper of not just your systems but also your culture and value proposition to your team/brokerage. In this session you’ll learn how to hire, onboard, train, retain and grow your internal team members. Building a world class organization involves more than just salespeople and a strong ops team and in this session you’ll learn all of the internal pieces necessary and the order in which you should build them and the methods we use to do so!


Building Your Brand in 2023

Coach: Greg Erlanger

In today’s market your brand matters. Consumers will no longer just go with the first person to respond or the first person to meet with them. They are shopping around for the BEST agent for the job and their shopping begins online and on social media. Today, buyers and sellers are making a decision on who they're going to hire based on what they see before you even show up. During this session you’ll discover exactly what needs to be done to put your brand ahead of your competitors, which will cause not only more consumers to reach out to you but more importantly to trust you with their home sale or purchase. 


Building A Pre-Appointment Package to Get More Listings 

Coaches: William & Sarah Huffman

Want to turn more seller leads into appointments held and ultimately listing contracts signed? Having a bulletproof pre-appointment package that the seller reviews prior to you coming out is a time-tested method of increasing listing conversion in a shifting market. During this session, you'll learn everything you need to know and do to put together the best seller pre-appointment package in your market!

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