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Summit Breakout Sessions:


NOTE: You do not need to register for breakouts. Just attend whichever session you'd like each day.

Three of the four days of the 2022 Live Unreal Summit include a number of hyper-focused breakout sessions. Each session is a deep dive into a specific real estate business idea or tactic. You choose which sessions to attend!


Most Effective Seller Lead Gen Strategies for 2022

Learn the latest and greatest methods used to generate more seller business in 2022. Everything from the best sources of listings to the best techniques to convert them this year and beyond!

Money Management: Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investing & Adding Revenue Streams

You've made the money... Now what? Learn what's necessary to start building wealth through Real Estate investing and adding additional streams of income.

Best Buyer Lead Conversion Strategies for 2022

Learn how top buyer focused agents are setting more appointments and getting more contracts signed. Everything from the moment the lead comes in until the appointment is set will be covered so you can take your buyer business to the next level in 2022!

Create Your Own I-Buyer Program From Start to Finish

Put together your own I-buyer program after attending this session. Everything from the basics of i-buying, to the best practices for creating more seller opportunities through this proven method that isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Today's Social Media Strategies to Win More Business & Close More Sales

Social media algorithms are always changing. Stay on top of the recent trends and learn how to be included in the algorithm that gets exposure to your audience so that you can generate more buyer and seller leads without breaking the bank.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Master the Four Communication Styles & Increase Your Conversion

There are four different styles of communication, all of which play a major role in getting more buyers and sellers to say yes to you. Learn how to identify which style you are and more importantly how to adapt to the other three so you can get more contracts signed, without any extra effort!

[Sponsored] Landvoice: The Four Proven Niche Opportunities for 2022 You Need to Know About


Work Smart, Play Smarter: The Keys to Creating More Balance in Your Life Without Sacrificing Profits

Thinking that hitting your goals isn't as fun because it means you have to work harder? Think again. During this session you'll learn how to create more balance in your life while still building your business.

Get More Buyer Offers Accepted Using These Proven Techniques in a Listing Scarce Market

Feeling like you're stuck with many of your buyers currently? Learn how to utilize these NEW strategies to get more offers accepted so you can close more buyer business in 2022!

Sales 201: How to Use Neuro Linguistic Programming to Get More Contracts Signed

It's not what you say, it's how you say it. During this session you'll learn the 8 most effective neuro linguistic programming sales techniques, which will help bring more people to your side and put you in a position to be a sales Jedi!

Become a Local Celebrity in Your Market: Developing Your Brand Using Video (Bonus: Creating a Brand within a Brand!)

You've heard a lot about video this week. Come spend some time learning how to take action on what you've learned and where exactly to start. Learn how to maximize your brokerage or team's brand so you can maximize your own within it!

Customer Service vs Consumer Experience: Know the Difference & Implement These Proven Models to Increase Your Reviews & Referrals

The days of great customer service are gone. Today, it is all about creating a new consumer experience that they can actually FEEL. Learn how to create your own experience that you can implement and easily duplicate with every client you come in contact with. Doing so will turn your consumer experience into a referral generating machine!

Building Your Unreal Life Plan to Experience Exponential Growth in Your Personal & Professional Life

This breakout takes the Live Unreal Formula to the next level! Learn how to build your unreal life by identifying what you value the most so you can leverage those values to create positive change in all areas of your life. This is THE first step to living a life so amazing, it's almost unbelievable.

[Sponsored] Flagstar: Maximizing Your Affiliate Relationships

How to get the most out of your vendor partnerships to put you in a position to not just survive, but to thrive in 2022!


Client Events: The Keys to Adding Value to Your Database to Generate Referrals for Life

During this session you'll learn some of the best practices for putting on killer client events that will lead to referrals for life! Learn how to properly prepare, promote and host annual events that your clients look forward to year after year!

Recruit, Train, Retain: Building an Unreal Organization That No One Wants to Leave

Learn the latest recruiting and retention tools to build an organization based on productivity. Everything from the techniques to attract agents and best practices for creating an environment that becomes an agent attraction tool itself!

Show Less Homes, Sell More Homes: Buyer Showing Efficiencies & Showing Agent Models

Learn the best practices for converting more buyers, while showing less homes. Showing processes, offer consultations, efficiency tips and showing agent models will be covered from start to finish!

Become a Master of the Phones & Learn How to Set More Appointments Using These Proven Methods

Master what is still one of the most profitable tools in getting listings during this breakout. Learn which scripts, objection handlers and closes work best so that you can generate more seller leads through the phone.

Sales 201: How to Use Neuro Linguistic Programming to Get More Contracts Signed

It's not what you say, it's how you say it. During this session you'll learn the 8 most effective neuro linguistic programming sales techniques, which will help bring more people to your side and put you in a position to be a sales Jedi!

How to Build a Powerhouse Operations Team to Support Your Sales & Grow Your Business

A strong operations team starts with your hiring system is then topped off by your onboarding process and then finished with great communication & culture. Learn how to build your administrative team from the ground up so that they can be a catalyst in your growth and results!

[Sponsored] Follow Up Boss: Turning Your Data to Dollars: 3 Steps + 3 Scripts For You

Congratulations on your list of names, addresses, and emails. You've built the core of your CRM's database. Now what? In this session, Stacey Soleil from Follow Up Boss will teach you how to segment your database, how to work those segments using 3 high-conversion scripts, and how to hand off "busy work" to automation.