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16-week online course for real estate agents, focused entirely on wealth-building tactics and scaling net worth.

Launch date: Monday, September 19


Assemble your team of wealth building experts.


Master your profit & loss statement/understand where to spend for maximum ROI.


Unleash the power of other people's money and watch your net worth skyrocket.


Get control of spending and bad financial habits.

Demystifying the path to extreme wealth.

Develop the skills, mindset, habits, focuses, beliefs and strategies of great wealth builders. Making money is simple and most people WAY overcomplicate it. By reducing wealth building down to 10 very simple to learn principles, you’ll begin a journey that you likely never thought possible, and certainly didn’t know where or how to begin.

Who is Wealth Building for?

Any agent, leader or entrepreneur that regardless of their current debt level and/or asset position, wants to get a fundamental and comprehensive overview of how to begin, and continue, a focused wealth building journey to maximize freedom and opportunity.  This course takes you all the way from exactly how and where to get started, onto identifying and tackling targeted investment strategies, into higher level components, like minimizing tax liability, comparing returns on investment and creating legal structures to best protect your wealth, as you build it.

What's included:

  • 45-minute zoom group coaching hosted for 16 sessions with time for Q&A

  • Small group setting to provide maximum value and interaction with all members

  • 1/2 off registration to Glover U annual Winter and Summer events

  • Free registration to Glover U local tour stops

What you'll learn:

  • Unleash Your Doubts, Fears & Excuses around Building Wealth

  • Implement the Mindset and Beliefs of the Wealthy

  • Get Control of Spending and Bad Financial Habits

  • Taming the Beast:  Taking Control of Your Debt

  • Master Both Your Business and Personal Profit & Loss Statements

  • Guarantee You Always Make a Profit

  • KISS:  Focus on your Net Worth

  • Unleash the Power of Other People’s Money

  • Mastering the Compound Effect

  • Invest in What You Know:  Real Estate

  • How to Determine When to Buy or Sell an Asset

  • Utilize the (Little-Known) Leverage of Deprecation

  • Pay *WAY* Less Taxes (Even NONE) – Legally!!

  • Assembling your Team of Wealth Building Experts

  • Limiting Liability: Creating a Corporate Veil to Protect Your Wealth

The price:

$399 per month for 4 months.

Day & Time:

Mondays at 11:00am EST


Building wealth is simple. Start here.



What makes dollars doesn't always make sense (cents). From Salesperson to CEO with Matt Sutter dives into how to truly understand the financial side of your business to maximize profit. From having conversations with agents about their financial goals to breaking down the typical sales pitch we all receive (if you only close one home you've made your money back); Matt explains the factual side of that statement and what it takes for a positive ROI. Whether you're a newly formed team or a seasoned veteran in real estate, From Salesperson to CEO with Matt Sutter is a must-have!

ZDJ_2904 (2).jpg


Matt is by far one of the most thorough business coaches I have ever seen. I love how he balances the practical with the emotional side of business and speaks to who we are as people and leaders while giving out THE absolute best and most practical business experience EVER. Since his class started I have grown as a leader and in my awareness of who I need to become in order for my business to continue growing and functioning at a high level. The classes have been both in-depth and introspective and have really forced me to take a hard look at many aspects of my business that I honestly didn’t even realize were impacting my success. I highly recommend this class to anyone in business who thinks they are already where they need to be as well as the beginning entrepreneur who is just starting and wants to make sure they are grounded and prepared for the road ahead. Matt is thorough, patient, kind and super knowledgeable about all things business and you will never regret any time or money you invest in yourself through any class he teaches.