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Build the key fundamentals of your real estate business, team or brokerage.

What is real estate business consulting

Glover U real estate business consulting is an in-depth approach to helping agents, teams, and/or brokerages build the key fundamentals of their business. This is sometimes a necessary step that must be taken before we can effectively coach on a given part of the business. For those who don't yet have the key components in place, Glover U Consulting is your starting point. Consulting is also a great option for those who need to “spot treat” areas of their business, without entering into an ongoing, weekly coaching relationship.

What is the difference between real estate coaching and consulting


Real estate consulting is a one-time solution for building a key component of a given business. Consulting is a service wherein a Glover U coach guides you through a process, helping you solve a problem within your business.


Real estate coaching is an ongoing process where a Glover U coach helps you develop your skills as an agent or leader, utilizing tools such as accountability and goal setting. Coaching is a service that helps ensure the building blocks (sometimes built through consulting) are all working together smoothly once they are actually built and in use. 

What is included in a Glover U consulting package

  1. 4 calls (minimum): 4 planned out calls with a project-specific agenda put in place, to be completed within an 8 week period of time

  2. Road map: Each call will have specific action items that the client is responsible for taking action on in between calls, with a road map of what to do to execute on the item

  3. Call recordings: 45 minute recorded zoom call with a Glover U area expert consultant

  4. Glover U expert: Your Glover U consultant will be an expert in the specific field with which you require assistance

  5. Plan: A “what to do next” plan, given by the coach, to help you carry through the implementation on your specific project

What is the investment

  • $895.00 per call, charged weekly before your next consulting call

  • Time in your schedule to work on and implement what your consultant is asking you to do

  • Possible outside resources (graphic designer, marketer, etc.) to complete projects being outlined 

Note: The consultant is curating a plan and guiding you through what to  implement, NOT executing the plan for you


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Lay the foundation for success.

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