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Chris Palamar

I have been doing coaching/consulting with Glover U for the past 6 months or so and have really grown from our conversations. I have been in real estate for 28 years and have the knowledge of doing the business down at a fairly high level. I also understood basic principles of growing a team as I have a team of 10 agents. What I didn’t have down was higher level principles of adding business partners and etching out a strategy to ultimately be able to step out of day to day business when the day comes. My coach has listened intently to my heart’s desire and consulted me on how to attain these goals. He is now working along side of me to structure things and start the process for the next phase of my career. Invaluable!

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Mary Llewellyn

Coaching with Glover U has been so amazing and eye opening!  I have been given the tools and resources that allow me to plan out the future of my business.  I love how it is hands on and I'm able to take one piece of my business each week to look at with the tools and resources provided to me by Glover U.  I have become more purposeful in reviewing my financials with my Director of Operations and this really allows me during this time to cut out any unnecessary expenses.  I've also really looked into the people that I have on my ship and evaluated them and where I would like to see them 5 years from now.  The whirlwind that we face everyday will overtake you and your business which will hold you back from where you want to go.  By going through Glover U coaching I now have a focused plan that will allow my business to flourish and allow me to live a life of purpose!