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16-week real estate coaching course

16-Week online program designed to give you the skills necessary to grow your real estate business through high performance prospecting.


Learn how to overcome objections and master the phones.


Create more opportunities utilizing 25 different sources of business.


Fill your pipeline and track where your leads are within your sales funnel.


Follow our 6 keys to prospecting success and take more listings.

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Become a successful, prospecting-based listing agent.

Get coached by top Prospecting Agent and former Inside Sales Manager of Jeff Glover & Associates, Justin Ford to learn how to generate seller leads in a small group setting - without spending a dime on marketing.

Who is Prospecting Bootcamp for?

Prospecting Bootcamp is best for real estate agents who want to learn prospecting and lead generation strategies that they can apply to their current real estate business. If you're an agent who wants to learn prospecting and has the drive to succeed at a high level, this 16-week course is for you.

What's included?

  • 45-minute Zoom group coaching hosted for 16 sessions with time for Q+A

  • Free registration to Glover U local tour stops

  • ½ off registration fee to our annual Winter Summit OR Summer Retreat.

  • Mastering conversations to improve conversion

  • Weekly numbers tracking and accountability from your Glover U Coach

  • Glover U Coaching Notebook with all scripts used by Jeff Glover & Associates

  • Glover U Yearly Business Planner with business plan included

  • Door knocking strategies and approaches

  • Learn the four personality styles and how to adapt to them

  • Lessons on matching, mirroring and versatility

  • Various group role play sessions to sharpen the groups skills

  • Learn how to understand the prospect + identify motivation

  • Learn + master the 6 top skills for becoming a bulletproof ISA

  • Build a strong mindset + attitude on prospecting daily

  • Learn how to master your mornings and build a solid morning routine

  • Free subscription to our Glover U publication (it's always free!) - Glover Gazette

What's the price?

$399 per month for 4 months.

Day & time of class?

Mondays at 2:00pm EST


(Sound up!)


Grow your real estate business faster.

Prospecting Contact


Prospecting Bootcamp with Justin Ford has instilled in me the skills and mindset needed to take my business to the next level. Taking the course for a second time has helped me become more aware of how I will accomplish my goals and given the confidence to reach them. The accountability during the course has forced me to score more for our team! 



This course kicked my butt and I'm grateful. I prospected consistently 5 days a week and feel like I've had the accountability to create muscle memory to keep doing it. I took 6 listings and just today, I received a call back from an expired that I followed up with consistently. What Justin teaches, works. Quarter one will be the best listings taken quarter of my CAREER! 

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