Since 2005, Jeff has been on a mission to re-invent sales training for the Real Estate industry. Jeff has worked with agents 1-1 as well as speaking to groups of over 15,000 attendees. Agents and leaders alike enjoy Jeff's direct and straight to the point advice on how to take their business to the next level. Jeff and his team sold just under 1,000 homes last year and Jeff is ready to share with you how you can do the same! No other coach in North America sells as much Real Estate as Jeff, year after year. 

Kate Simon

Kate was introduced to real-estate at the young age of 19, as one of Jeff Glover’s first Inside Sales Associates. Kate immersed herself in Jeffs coaching, training and approach to high-volume selling. While working for Jeff, Kate learned the value of discipline by following a proven model, and soon found her passion to be outside of just what she was learning in college, and inside the systems and models taught by Jeff Glover.  


After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Kate returned to Jeff Glover & Associates full-time, where she completed “JGA Boot camp” for the second time, and graduated to an outside sales associate. While learning the ropes as a new agent, Kate earned the title “Rookie of the Year”, closing 40 homes within her first 12 months of selling.


In 2013, Kate took the invaluable lessons taught by Jeff and rebuilt her real-estate business from the ground up in Orange County, California, where she continues to be a high producing agent. Kates introduction to her coaching career happened in 2013, when she found herself having weekly conversations with agents regarding how to take their business to the next level through effective prospecting, presenting and accountability.


Kate’s passion for coaching lies is identifying a client’s most needed area of growth, coming up with a plan of action, and watching both their personal life AND business transform because of it. Kate believes strongly in the values and systems taught by Jeff to help agents not only transform their business, but transform their lives.



Beginning his real estate career in 2001, Matthew Sutter has helped clients sell over $1.5 Billion in real estate.  He has started, led or served in executive capacities for real estate ventures in Austin, TX, Washington DC, Dallas, TX, Fairfax, VA, Cleveland, OH and the State of Michigan. Two of those ventures each earned accolades as four-time recipients of Inc Magazine 500/5000, given to the fastest growing companies in America.   He has trained over 15,000 agents across the country, and also coaches and consults with a number of extremely high-producing real estate teams, specializing in the areas of leadership development, team building, technology integration, financial management and scaling growth.  

Matt Sutter
Justin Ford


After spending three years working directly with Jeff Glover, Justin quickly became a Top Producer not only on his team but in the Michigan Market. Justin and his team have sold over 350 homes for over $45,000,000 in sales volume leading him to the top 2% of Realtors for homes sold in Michigan.It wasn't until after leading one of Jeff's most successful Inside Sales Teams where Justin found his passion in training agents to accomplish what he has. Justin is still actively on the ground every single day prospecting and taking 8-10 listings per month from the coaching and training he shares with Glover U clients.


Selling real estate is one of my absolute loves in life! There is nothing more exciting than helping your clients accomplish their goals, and walking alongside them through the process. I began as an assistant in the real estate business in 2007 while I was finishing up my degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan. After graduation, I decided to join the real estate field full time and become an agent in 2010. 

I have been working with the Jeff Glover team since 2009 and could not be more proud of the professional, knowledgeable and reliable team that we have grown to be. I was awarded the “Top Block Sales Award” in 2014 and every year since for my exceptional customer service towards my clients and have maintained that level of service since.


Through working at JGA, I have learned how to run an "Unreal" business and learn everything I can to be the best sales person possible. I tend to thrive when I am helping others succeed, which has led me to be a part of our Glover U team. I am always here to help as a coach, colleague and mentor to as many agents as I can be. If there is anything I can help you with, I’m only a phone call away!

Jolynne Mercieca
Taylor Kerrigan


Taylor Kerrigan has been the Operations Manager of Jeff Glover & Associates and now Live Unreal Companies for seven years. Taylor started in her role as a Marketing Assistant and later transitioned to complete every Operational role on the team; ultimately earning the title of Director of Operations. Her strengths include opening new businesses as well as creating effective process and procedures for current Real Estate teams. She thoroughly enjoys helping Assistants and Directors of Operations reach their full potential and live an Unreal life. 

Taylor has been featured on multiple Keller Williams panels, including most notably, a 1-1 interview with Gary Keller at Family Reunion. She strives to exceed expectations of all of our clients and staff on a daily basis. In her spare time, Taylor is a board member of A ReJoyceful Animal Rescue and assists in the community as much as possible. 


Geno D’Angelo started his real estate career in 2001 at the age of 18 while attending Oakland University. Although he sold 1 house his first year, he quickly discovered a love for real estate, and knew it was something he wanted to truly master and turn into his career. Over the past 20 years Geno has put tremendous time and effort into growing his personal business and, in 2018 made the decision to grow to the next level, by bringing others into his world to train + develop by creating a team. Geno added a buyer’s agent with no industry experience, so when it comes to training + development, Geno had his work cut out for him. Yet after spending the year developing the agent, while also focusing on his own skills as a leader, together they closed 45 deals that year. Knowing that there was more that could be done, Geno wanted to push further with his leadership skills and his own personal production. This is when Geno began attending multiple Glover U coaching programs and events and in 2019 made the decision to pursue 1-on-1 coaching . After just 2 years of intense coaching + training, Geno added an admin to help leverage his business, developed her into one of his key business pillars, while also working on further developing himself and the team. Geno and his team went from 38 transactions in 2018 to 85 transactions in 2020. Itching for more, Geno decided to leave his big box brokerage to start his own independent brokerage, which brought forth new challenges of developing his own unique value proposition and recruitment strategies.  This move granted Geno more freedom to create a brand that really represented him, his goals, his vision and his team. Throughout his journey, Geno has always been driven to succeed and having a team has allowed him to find a passion in teaching and helping others achieve their best life through doing the same. This passion and drive with which he has led his team has tricked over to his passion and drive to help agents all over make large leaps of growth in their business through strategic leverage and immense action. When Geno isn't on listing appointments or with his team, you can find him doing CrossFit, or diving into the next best personal development book.

Geno Headshot.jpeg
Greg Erlanger Top Ohio Realtor


Greg has proved himself an individual who strives for excellence in everything he does. This became evident early on in life, as he graduated with honors from Ohio University in fall of 97. After that, Greg started his career in sales selling wide area network solutions and data products to fortune 500 companies. Some of his main accounts were PNC, Sherwin Williams, Moen and Goodyear. After 8 years of successfully attaining over 100% of quota, he felt it was time to follow his passion. 


In 2004,  his passion led Greg to real estate and he immediately made an impact by setting the all time, rookie record for first year sales with over 8 Million in real estate sold at his first brokerage. Greg was later recognized nationally by RIS Media as one of the Top 50 Realtors on the Rise in America for his use of technology and sales abilities. 


In January of 2008, Greg joined the fastest growing real estate company in both Cleveland and The United States, Keller Williams Realty! Immediately, he found that teams provide the best solution for buyers/sellers and created The EZ Sales Team! I am passionate and a champion of Cleveland Ohio.  Greg has effectively assisted in the rebirth of Downtown Cleveland, while simultaneously being part owner in a title company AND leading his real estate sales team to the #1 spot in the state of Ohio. The EZ Sales Team currently sells more homes than any other Realtor or Team of Realtors in the State of Ohio.  


After walking the walk and building up an incredible resume of "leading through succeeding first", Greg looks forward to his next chapter here with Glover U, as he coaches high-level team leaders and sales agents to achieve their multi-faceted business goals through extreme accountability and raw truths about what it takes to succeed at a high level in this business. Greg looks forward to continuing his streak of excellence here with Glover U, by coaching you to excellence, as well.


Nick Bellmore started his career in real estate in 2001 after running a residential construction company for 5 years. Nick always knew he had a passion for real estate, which is why he got his license in 2000 , working under one of the top brokers at the time in Metro Detroit. Hungry to continue his growth and development more, Nick joined Jeff Glover and Associates in 2008 as one of the first lead buyers agents on the team, while also still able to service listings along with building his skills and expanding knowledge base. Nick has seen Jeff Glover + Associates ("JGA") built from the ground up and was one of the first agents to receive some of the initial coaching + training practices that are still being used on the team and within Glover U today. After a few years with the team, Nick's passion took him to West Michigan, where he began his journey to rebuild his successful career as a team leader and agent in Grand Rapids in 2015. Going through a multi-market transition reminded Nick to lean on his strong Glover U foundational training, which has allowed him to flourish in a new market, miles and miles away from where he started with JGA. Since being in Grand Rapids, Nick has built a successful team and maintained a high level of personal production, again, fully leaning on the decades of training he has received through Jeff and what is now Glover U. In essence, Nick has "been around the block" time and time again, not only in real estate but with hiring, firing, building a team, balancing production and leadership, all while having a successful and enjoyable family life. Nick's passion in coaching and developing people is rooted in helping agents start off with the same skills and training advantages he had early on, while also walking side-by-side team leaders to help identify and trouble-shoot common team building pitfalls, all while maintaining a quality of life outside of work.  

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Taylor Cornfield has been a part of the Jeff Glover and Associates Operations Team for 5 years. Before her career began in Real Estate, Taylor graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Elementary Education and went on to teach Kindergarten for two years. After realizing teaching young children was not her true passion, she found a job as a Client Care Associate with Jeff Glover and Associates.  Although making the decision to leave teaching was a tough one, Taylor looks back now and knows it was one of the best decisions she could have made.

After spending a year in the Client Care Role, Taylor quickly learned she wanted to continue to grow and learn everything possible when it came to providing unreal service to both agents and clients. Taylor then became Assistant Operations Manager, and was in that role for two years. It was during this time that her mentor, Taylor Kerrigan, the previous Director of Operations for Jeff Glover & Associates, took her under her wing and taught her everything about running a successful Real Estate team. After mastering the role as Assistant Operations Manager, Taylor earned the role of Lead Operations Manager at Jeff Glover and Associates.

Taylor is excited to channel her natural teaching skills and effectively coach others on everything she has learned and now experiences on a daily basis.