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Petoskey, MI
Glover U Coach

Few among us can say they found their careers and calling in one, but Kathy Schweitzer seemed destined from a very early age to become a change-maker. Kathy is deeply passionate about helping others achieve their goals. She has the exceptional ability to connect with people who want to grow and reach their potential or go to the next level, get there. 

A graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in communication, Kathy served as COO of Coldwell Banker Schweitzer Real Estate. This led her to train as a professional real estate coach and earn her coaching certification with the John Maxwell team.

Kathy currently serves as Director of Sales with Live Unreal Companies, where her focus is on coaching, training, mentoring, and recruitment. She utilizes her skills daily to influence, educate and encourage agents and broker/owners to become their best professional selves.

Michigan realtor Jeff Glover can attest to that. “A significant reason for my current success,” he says, “is Kathy Schweitzer’s belief in me. Her company took a chance on me when I was in my early ‘20s, recruiting me from another firm, and it has made all the difference in my life. Quite frankly, it was Kathy’s coaching during my early, formative years in real estate that helped me grow from a young, 20-something novice realtor into the career professional I am today.”

Quick to identify needs—whether in charitable organizations, her firm or through coaching—Kathy Schweitzer empowers individuals through a combination of intentional listening and positive reinforcement. 

“In her coaching,” says Jeff Glover, “Kathy has this rare ability to ask the tough questions that most of us are afraid to ask. It’s probably because she’s not afraid of the answers. A compassionate listener, she’s able to offer criticism in a way that helps individuals not only reach their potential but achieve that next level of career performance.”

According to her husband Paul, she commits absolutely. In fact, he says with a quick laugh, “she’s like a dog on a bone. She simply never quits.”

It’s a trait she’s had since childhood. “I’ve always found it amazing,” says her sister, Michelle, “how children in the same family can exhibit such different traits. I was the artist, but Kathy took after our father: disciplined, focused and very business oriented.” 

They’re the very same traits she took into athletics. A multi-sport athlete in her youth, “she was highly competitive,” says Michelle, “but always in an enlightened way.” As an adult Kathy continues to find physical and mental reward through exercise, skiing, snowshoeing, regular visits to the gym, hiking, and playing and watching football. 

She couples that with voracious reading, especially self-development, business and spiritual books. “I guess you can say,” Schweitzer admits, “that I love to push myself and grow mentally, spiritually and physically.”

Her ability to motivate others’ success is but one aspect of her multifaceted persona. A deep commitment to causes in which she believes defines her further, and gives a much fuller picture of the passionate community activist. 

“My greatest accomplishment,” she says, “and my proudest achievement was co-founding Child Safe Michigan, a nonprofit devoted to providing advocacy, mentoring, foster care, and adoption services for abused and neglected children. Thanks to the dedication of any extraordinary board of directors, it has grown into an important resource whose value to the community is inestimable.” 

Char Terry was there from the beginning. “Kathy got my ear on an airplane, and that was it.” Terry was soon on the board, and just as committed to the cause as her seat mate. 

“When Kathy hops on a bandwagon—any bandwagon—you cannot get her off. When she hooks on to a cause or a passion, she is 100 percent there. I’ve always marveled at her ability to bring others aboard; I believe it’s one of her greatest skills. As a recruiter—of professionals for her firm or volunteers for her charitable causes—Kathy is, quite simply, the best.”

How can you work with Kathy Schweitzer?

Kathy is available for 1-on-1 coaching and she teaches Team Building: From Salesperson to CEO, a 16-week group coaching program.

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