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From Glover U Graduates

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1-1 Coaching Client

"As a newly licensed agent, I knew that I wanted to get started off in the business on the right foot. I'm a new mom and don't have 6 months to waste until I earn my first commission check. So, I reached out to Glover U and got started in their 1-on-1 coaching right away. From Day 1, my coach Kate offered me constant support + resources for me to succeed, which has allowed me to take my first listing within the first 60 days of being licensed! Kate has been supportive, encouraging and has gone out of her way to take my phone calls outside of our regularly scheduled calls to help ensure my success every step of the way. Working with Glover U has given me all the confidence in the world that I have what it takes to succeed in this business. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business."



1-1 Coaching Client

"When I first started selling houses in 2014 with Keller Williams Plymouth, I had no idea what to do or where to begin. It was not until I was pushed by Jeff Glover to get to my first sales training event which is when I realized what this business was all about and what it was going to take to succeed at a high level. After that event, I knew I needed a coach or mentor to help guide me through this process of starting to build my business. Kate Simon was my first coach and the positive influences Kate had on making me aware of the daily activities that I needed to do to get business were beyond the expectations I had before I even started working with Kate. I've never gotten better information to help myself learn than from people like Kate and Jeff. I went from being $30,000 in debt when I first started in real estate to making $173,000 in 2014 which was my first full year of selling property. Here we are in 2018, the start of my 5th year of selling, and last year in 2017, I had a GCI of about $250,000 in which I never imagined was possible in such a short amount of time from being in this business. Overall, I owe my current success to Kate and Jeff Glover, who have not only pushed me to do the right things, but never gave up on believing in my potential. I am forever grateful to the both Jeff + Kate  for helping me and continuing to believe in me!"

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1-1 Coaching Client

"The systems, models and accountability I've gotten from working with Jeff and Kate  is a endless toolbox of knowledge & experience that can never be taken from me.  Any salesperson who wants to reach the peak of their industry, should work with a mentor and coach. There is no one better to take you to that peak, than Kate and Jeff. "

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Group Coaching Client

"I’ve literally been in the Glover U 90 day Jump Start program 3 weeks and business for me has already picked up! I’m more confident in my prospecting and have been responding well to Kate Simons awesome style of training. I currently hit a new personal record for deals pending while in the Glover U 90 day Jump Start program. I’ve always considered myself a “buyers agent” but this program is giving me the push and confidence I need to work on getting more listings!"

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1-1 Coaching Client

"I got into real estate in 2006 and met Jeff a couple years later while attending one of his training events. After hearing him speak, I quickly discovered that I had a lot to learn. Over the years, I have attended many of his training events and studied his business, which helped me to grow my team to the #1 home selling team in Kalamazoo. I highly recommend attending his events and training to take your business to the next level."

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1-1 Coaching Client

"The training and coaching I received from Glover U were crucial to my real estate business. The knowledge Jeff shared with me catapulted my business from 27 transactions to 128 in just one year! I continue to use the systems and coaching that he shared with me almost daily in my business."

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"When I first met Jeff, I had a small team and was selling 250 homes per year. Jeff had huge ideas and great vision. Over the years I’ve learned a lot from him which helped me double my business to nearly 500 homes sold per year. I have made it a point to attend many of Jeff’s events and I still shadow his team yearly. I strongly suggest anyone looking to build a big business to work with Jeff and the Glover U team."

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""This group (Glover U) is the absolute FIRST connection I have found that genuinely changed my life and boosted my business! To say I am privileged to have been introduced to "Glover U" would be an understatement.

I came out of the gate swinging and signing contracts, because of the lifestyle change that occurs if you truly give Glover U your all. I am actually a NEW student and have been enrolled for just a few weeks. However, my partner, who happens to be a top producer in our office is a Glover U alumni and still partakes in continual training. He has been licensed for just 2 years, and continually leads the pack in written and SOLD volume. I LEARN SO MUCH just PASSIVELY through him because he is a pure product of what Jeff, Kate, and the whole team have created. 

He gave and still gives Glover U his absolute all and it absolutely reflects in his numbers. I have no affiliation with Glover U other than being a student, but if you are at all on the fence about this program, I URGE you to jump in and let it consume every motion you make throughout your day. You owe it to yourself and your business!!!""

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"Jeff Glover and Glover U have provided me with the necessary tool kit to help develop my team.  The greatest part of Glover U is they work and help you with the issues you are dealing with today, right this moment.  Life has a way of being our biggest distraction and competitor with our time.  Glover U does a great job to help tackle and problem solve the ups and downs of our business.   The saying, people are rewarded in public on what they constantly practice in private;  this is a true statement of what Glover U has to offer.  The behind the scenes daily practice + learning that Glover U offers is what it takes  help make your life the next success story. I am very happy to being coached by Glover U"