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Grand Rapids, MI
Glover U Coach

Nick Bellmore started his career in real estate in 2001 after running a residential construction company for 5 years. Nick always knew he had a passion for real estate, which is why he got his license in 2000 , working under one of the top brokers at the time in Metro Detroit. Hungry to continue his growth and development more, Nick joined Jeff Glover and Associates in 2008 as one of the first lead buyers agents on the team, while also still able to service listings along with building his skills and expanding knowledge base.

Nick has seen Jeff Glover & Associates ("JGA") built from the ground up and was one of the first agents to receive some of the initial coaching and training practices that are still being used on the team and within Glover U today. After a few years with the team, Nick's passion took him to West Michigan, where he began his journey to rebuild his successful career as a team leader and agent in Grand Rapids in 2015.

Going through a multi-market transition reminded Nick to lean on his strong Glover U foundational training, which has allowed him to flourish in a new market, miles and miles away from where he started with JGA. Since being in Grand Rapids, Nick has built a successful team and maintained a high level of personal production, again, fully leaning on the decades of training he has received through Jeff and what is now Glover U. In essence, Nick has "been around the block" time and time again, not only in real estate but with hiring, firing, building a team, balancing production and leadership, all while having a successful and enjoyable family life. Nick's passion in coaching and developing people is rooted in helping agents start off with the same skills and training advantages he had early on, while also walking side-by-side team leaders to help identify and trouble-shoot common team building pitfalls, all while maintaining a quality of life outside of work.

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