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16-week real estate coaching course

16-week online course for real estate agents, designed to teach you exactly how to generate more seller leads, take more listings, sell more homes and take more market share.


Improve conversion ratios by at least 10%.


Develop your unique value proposition to secure more sellers.


Leverage your listings to close more deals and empower your agents.


Learn how to price and overcome price objections.


Handle objections and close based on motivation.

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Win seller business and take your unfair share of listings.

Get coached by the listing master himself, Jeff Glover! Join this small group course and learn exactly how Jeff and his team take 75+ listings per month.

Who is Listing Mastery for?

Listing Mastery is best for solo agents, lead agents and listing agents who are looking to grow their listing business.

What's included?

  • 45-minute Zoom group coaching hosted for 16 sessions with time for Q&A

  • Small group setting to provide maximum value + interaction with all members

  • 1/2 off registration fee to our annual Winter Summit OR Summer Retreat

  • Free registration to Glover U local tour stops

  • All Jeff Glover & Associates seller material

  • Listing presentation scripts and role play

  • Develop a professional pre-listing packet

  • Improve conversion ratios by at least 10%

  • Break down every point of the presentation into what we say and why we say it

  • Understanding how to price and overcome price reductions

  • Learn how to objection handle and close based on motivation

  • Live Unreal Yearly Business Planner for daily number tracking and accountability

  • Glover U Coaching Notebook with all scripts used by Jeff’s team

  • Daily accountability via Facebook Group for script writing

  • A step-by-step guide on how to develop your value proposition to secure more sellers

  • Create an unreal listing customer experience

  • How to use your listing as leverage to close more deals and empower your listing agents

The price:

$399 per month for 4 months.

Day & time:

Mondays at 12:00pm EST


Take more listings, take more market share.

Listing Mastery Contact


This course is the real deal! I considered myself an already good listing agent and I have extracted SO much out of this program. Those of you who know me, know that I am extremely picky about the content I endorse and see high value in. This is not some watered down, surface level material. These are the exact systems that Jeff Glover uses to take 50+ listings a month while still running a team of 30+ agents. They are consistently closing 900+ transactions a year with many being listing based. These are not strategies from an agent who was "once a rockstar," these are systems, blue prints, NLP strategies from someone who is still very relevant and in the trenches and taking listings with TODAY's market challenges. 



If you want to improve, increase and enhance your business - do yourself a favor and invest in yourself! This program is just one of many that will propel you to break through your own glass ceiling. If you are a Realtor and skeptical, I am 100% happy to talk to you one on one about the impact Glover U and Listing Mastery has made on my business.

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