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16-week online course for real estate agents designed to give you all the tactics, processes and skills necessary to generate more buyer leads and close more buyer transactions.


Identify and convert leads into buyers.


Design and execute a strong buyer consultation.


Create a buying power checklist and get more offers accepted.


Generate more referral business.

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Grow your business by closing more buyer transactions with these systems and skills

This group course is designed and written by our top Buyer Agent, Nick Bellmore, who closes 50+ transactions per year utilizing all of our buyer methods for success. Improve your efficiency with Buyers, implement scalable systems, and ultimately close more transactions. With the right combination of strategies and systems in place, you can establish yourself as a top-tier agent and watch your business grow exponentially.

Who is Buyer Business Accelerator for?

This real estate online training course is perfect for any agent looking to grow their real estate business by increasing their buyer transactions. The systems and skills taught in this course can be applied to any business model and are designed to accelerate the rate at which your real estate business scales.

What's included:​​

  • 16 sessions of 45-minute Zoom group coaching with time for Q&A

  • Small group setting to provide maximum value and interaction with all members

  • 1/2 off registration to Glover U annual Winter OR Summer event

  • Free registration to Glover U local tour stops

  • Glover U Business Planner with Business Plan included

What you'll learn:​​

  • How to convert buyer leads

  • How identify buyer leads you WANT to work with

  • How to design and execute a strong buyer's consultation

  • How to create your own buyer value proposition

  • How to create and present and use a buying power checklist to get more offers accepted

  • How to set clear expectations and walk clients through a smooth transaction

  • How to utilize and leverage a showing agent and when to do so

  • How to generate more referrals because of your service

  • How to deliver Unreal customer service through every step of the transaction

  • How to design and present offers to increase chances of being accepted

  • How to properly identify motivation and re-engage buyers who are not finding their dream home

  • Understanding and working with affiliate partners

The price:

$399 per month for 4 months.

Day & Time:

Mondays at 1:00pm EST


Take action. Close more buyer sales.

Buyer Mastery Contact


To my colleagues, if you are burnt out of offers and your buyers are becoming renters or taking a break from previewing homes, this course is for you! If you are ready to leave the industry from frustration, this course is for you! If you want to get into the industry, this course is for you! If you want more referrals, this course is for you! This is an amazing course that has allowed me to increase my buyer business significantly. I am getting buyers to write offers quicker which means that I am showing less homes and getting more time back. 



I would HIGHLY recommend the Buyer Mastery coaching course with Jolynne Mercieca. Whether you are a new agent or have years of experience, this course provides all the best practices that you should be implementing in your buyer business. You will learn how to provide top notch customer service and how to be the expert that buyers want to use for themselves and continue to refer on to their friends and family. Each week, there’s a 45-minute Zoom session packed full of content from Jolynne and other highly successful Glover U coaches. Another added perk is the private Facebook group. Here you have built-in referral partners and like-minded agents in the field who are there for you to ask questions and share wins.

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