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Real Estate Agent



Below are the 20 skills that you need to succeed at a high-level today in real estate. Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10.


After you complete the Self-Assessment a member of Glover U will contact you to let you know your score and discuss an action plan to improve your score.

Why I Choose Glover U

"As a newly licensed agent, I knew that I wanted to get started off in the business on the right foot. I'm a new mom and don't have 6 months to waste until I earn my first commission check. So, I reached out to Glover U and got started in their 1-on-1 coaching right away. From Day 1, my coach Kate offered me constant support + resources for me to succeed, which has allowed me to take my first listing within the first 60 days of being licensed! Kate has been supportive, encouraging and has gone out of her way to take my phone calls outside of our regularly scheduled calls to help ensure my success every step of the way. Working with Glover U has given me all the confidence in the world that I have what it takes to succeed in this business. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business."


—  JAMIE ANDERSON, 1-1 Coaching Client

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