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High-intensity, personalized coaching program created specifically for Agent + Admin business structures. This real estate training program is tailored to your unique business model and goals.


Build and grow your database


Leverage your database and maximize ROI


Build and implement team training plans


Improve conversion ratios


Annual business planning and profit review

Launch your Real Estate business into the next level with Glover U Elite Coaching.

Learn leadership models, systems and operations from one of our Glover U coaches PLUS Taylor Kerrigan, our Operations Master. Contact us for a free 25-minute coaching consultation and we'll help pair you with the Glover U coach that makes the most sense for YOUR business. This is a high-intensity real estate training program that yields massive results for those willing to put in the work.

Who is Elite Coaching for?

Our Elite Coaching program is best for Agents with an Admin/Assistant or for solo Agents looking to hire an Assistant.

Program structure:

  • 4 calls/month with a Glover U sales coach

    • 1-1 call: Glover U Coach + Rainmaker​

    • Length: 30 minutes each

    • Total number of 1-1 sales coach calls: 42

  • 2 calls every month with our Operations Coach, Taylor Kerrigan

    • 1-1 call: Taylor Kerrigan + Lead Admin/Operations​

    • Length: 30 minutes each

    • Total number of 1-1 operations calls: 24

  • Total Elite Coaching commitment: 12 months, 6 calls/week, 30 minutes/call

What's included:

  • SISU Number Tracking System

  • Direct access to Jeff Glover via email

  • Free registration to the Live Unreal Summit, Live Unreal Retreat and Tour Stops for you and your Lead Admin

  • Network of Roleplay Partners

  • Glover U Business Planner with business plan included

  • Glover U coaching notebook with all scripts used by JGA

  • Access to Glover U Inner Circle Facebook Group

What we'll cover:


  • Custom needs analysis

  • Team business planning, goal-setting and visioning

  • Learn how to build and successfully work your database for maximum ROI

  • Build team training plans

  • Master the listing and buyer presentation

  • How to improve conversion ratios

  • Weekly numbers tracking and accountability from your Glover U Coaches

  • Glover U Sales System Series

  • Annual business planning and profit review

  • Glover U Operations Consultation

What's the price?



Decide you're done with "good enough."

Elite Contact



"Coaching with Glover U has been fantastic! Matt Sutter has helped me with just about everything from team growth to profitability to keeping me sane during these crazy times and team building/frustrations. His business knowledge has been on point with making sure I am focused on the most important tasks and leveraging out the rest. My calls with my coach are never scripted and we have real conversations. That alone is amazing. Having been coached for the last four years with another organization, he is one of my few coaches that is a straight shooter with none of the scripting like other organizations. Taylor Kerrigan has been our Elite operations coach and she has helped tremendously with the hiring process and insights on team growth and building as well. She has expanded our mindsets on how much more we value our administrative team and what they can bring to the table which is highly beneficial."

Free Coaching Consultaton
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