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13 Ways To Win Big On Ultimate Prospecting Day

The first of each month is what we call "Ultimate Prospecting Day", here at Glover U. Most contracts end at the end of the month, meaning that on the first of each month, hundreds of homes go up for grabs because they didn't sell and their contracts have ended. These expired listings are ripe for the taking! You just need the right tools and the right mindset to succeed at a high level. Here are Jeff's 13 ways to win big on Ultimate Prospecting Day (and every prospecting day, for that matter!):

1. Keep your mindset strong - positive vibes only!

Here are a few ways you can keep your mindset strong on a day full of prospecting:

  1. Mindset breaks: sprinkle in a few 5-15 minute mindset breaks to relax and reset

  2. Podcast: listen to 15 minutes of an uplifting, inspiring, or informative podcast

  3. Read a chapter in a book

  4. Avoid social media

  5. Keep co-worker convos short: catch up when your done prospecting or the following day

  6. Get fresh air!

  7. Revisit your goals/visions: take a moment to remember WHY you're doing this

2. 50 Minutes ON and 10 Minutes OFF technique

Execute 50 minutes of INTENSE prospecting - call after call, followed by a 10 minute break.

3. Schedule your admin time, do it and remove the guilt

Admin work is okay on Ultimate Prospecting Day, so long as you budgeted time for it in your schedule.

4. Go after low hanging fruit early & late

Early in the day and late in the day, you need those easy wins. Focus on expireds and FSBOs early on to give yourself some momentum, and again near the end to lift your spirits.

5. Mix in a NEW source you wouldn’t normally work

If you're spending more time prospecting than you normally would, it's the perfect time to try out a new source. Trying something new is a good way to keep you fresh and keep you on your toes.

6. Select “all” in your dialer and GO - don’t overthink it!

You're here to do one thing and one thing ONLY: Prospect! Set your dialer and just go for it. Overthinking prospecting is a great way to kill your motivation and your momentum.

7. Don't forget your CRM follow-ups

Go through your CRM and reach out to your "most active" leads, check your overdue reminders off your list, and finish your lead follow-up.

8. Remember the 3x3x3x3 rule

Hit all of these touches within 3 days:

  • 3 Calls

  • 3 Texts

  • 3 Emails

9. Stand up and smile while prospecting!

We give off different energy on the phone when we're standing up, and Prospecting Bootcamp teaches us that they can hear our smile on the other end of the phone. These minor adjustments make a huge difference in conversion.

10. Celebrate small wins

Recognize and celebrate your small wins! Did you set an hourly contact goal? Celebrate it! Did you make contact with someone who ended up being a good lead? That's a win! An appointment set isn't the only win worth celebrating on a day full of prospecting. Give yourself more credit and keep yourself inspired and motivated.

11. No long (or liquid) lunches

Momentum is absolutely critical on a day full of heavy prospecting. A long, heavy lunch break and/or alcohol consumption will kill your momentum! Don't waste your own time. Stay focused and do everything you can to keep (and build!) your momentum. Be the best version of yourself while you're on the phone.

12. Find a reason to create urgency

At any given moment in any given market, there are good reasons for buyers and sellers to act with urgency. Know your market and know your points ahead of time: market shift, interest rates, more inventory, etc. Communicate the need for urgency to your prospects. Give them reasons why NOW is better than later. Let them know, "Here's what you gain by selling's what you lose if you wait until later."

13. When the calls have got you down, switch to gratitude

When you hit a string of bad calls, or you're unable to keep your mindset as strong as you set out to, switch to gratitude. Send out Thank You cards / messages / texts, etc. to past and prospective clients. Showing a little gratitude is a great way to feel good about what you're doing again. Plus, these touches often lead to new business - it's a win-win!

BONUS: Develop your real estate prospecting skills, prospect daily, grow your business

Prospecting is the number one fastest and best way to fill your pipeline, grow your real estate business, make more money, and earn more financial freedom. If you haven't had as much success with prospecting as you'd like, consider enrolling in Prospecting Bootcamp with Glover U coach and "Prospecting King" Justin Ford. You'll learn how to use the scripts, how to handle objections, Justin's 6 keys to prospecting success and much more.


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