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8 Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Presentation With Buyers And Sellers

Confident real estate agent going on a listing presentation appointment

Fifteen years ago, a prospective client might meet with you, ask their friends and neighbors about you, and then decide whether or not they want to work with you. Eight or so years ago, they would meet with you, ask about you, and google you to see what shows up online and in social media. Now, they're googling you before you event set foot in their home. They're looking you up on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and wherever else, judging you, and making their mind up about you before you meet. In fact, they might even cancel your appointment if they don't like what they find online. If you want to close more transactions, start by improving your real estate presentation with buyers and sellers.

In SalesRocket, we give you recordings of Jeff Glover's live listing presentation and buyer consultation, 10 appearance checks, scripts and dialogues, top sources of business and more, but here are eight ways to improve your real estate presentation with buyers and sellers and the questions you should be asking yourself:

1. Have a firm grasp on what you want to be known for

What do I represent and what do I want to be known for?

Your answer to this question will inform the way you approach every aspect of your presentation. Answer it honestly so that you can make the appropriate changes, if needed.

2. Make sure people view you the way you intend

What am I presenting every day to the public and how do people view me?

Get your friends and family involved to answer this question. If it doesn't match #1 above, it's time to make a change.



3. Assess what you want to be known for and make a change

What is the image that I'm portraying and how could I improve it?

Your image might align really well with what you want to be known for, but there is always room for improvement. Make an improvement, however small, to your appearance, your social media, or your demeanor, etc.

4. Match your image to your ideal clientele

Does my image match my ideal clientele?

You must present yourself in a way that speaks to, and does not alienate, your ideal clientele. If you're a luxury listing agent, don't show up to an appointment in ripped jeans and a t-shirt. Your shoes should be shined and you'd better be dressed to impress. If your clients are first-time homebuyers with a modest average sales price, don't roll up in a Maserati, wearing a rare Rolex timepiece. You should always be dressed to impress, demonstrating professionalism and polish, but don't overdo it if your average price point doesn't warrant it.

The same thing goes for social media! Audit your appearance on social media, clean it up, and start being strategic about what you post, the professionalism of your images, and the quality of your videos.

5. Match your materials to your ideal clientele

Do my materials match my ideal clientele?

What is your average sales price? Do your marketing materials align? If you're a luxury agent, you should have $200k recently sold comps in your listing materials. Same thing goes if your clientele are middle-of-the-road - your materials shouldn't show $1M+ listings.

6. Make your marketing match your image and what you want to be known for

Does my marketing match my image and everything I represent?

Does your website match your social media? Do you have the same tagline on your website and your business cards, or are they different? Are you wearing a suit in your Facebook profile photo, but not on your Instagram profile photo? Are your colors, fonts, and messaging consistent throughout your online presence and in your printed marketing materials? Consistency is key in achieving memorability. If you want people to remember you, be consistent in your appearance across all media.

7. Coach your online reviewers

Do my online reviews match my messaging?

If you specialize in new construction, your reviewers should mention the new construction project. If you mostly work with first time homebuyers, your reviewers should mention that this was their first experience buying a home and working with an agent. In order to get what you want, all you have to do is mention it! Your clients will be happy to include a tiny detail or two if they know it will help you and your business. Examples:

"Hey, John, do you mind mentioning that this was your first time buying a home?"

"Hey, Joan, do you mind mentioning that you relocated from another city?"

Want more online reviews? Download our free 5-Star Review Email Template here or take Systems of Real Estate with Taylor Kerrigan.

8. Create video content that positions you as an expert

Do my videos convey that I'm an expert?

It's great to have fun on social media or have largely personal social media accounts, but from time to time you need to let your followers know that you're the expert. Post a market update with statistics, walk people through a process, bust a myth, etc. Make sure your lighting is just right and the production quality is professional.

Improve your real estate presentation, increase your transactions

Remember, we're being judged on our appearance both in person and online! Buyers and sellers are going to work with the person who makes them feel the most comfortable and who they connect with the most. Hint - they don't have to meet you in real life to start connecting with you! Nine times out of ten, they're going to research you online and on social media first. In SalesRocket, we have an entire session dedicated digital marketing and social media strategies. View all 31 virtual sessions here.

Clean up your presentation, win more appointments and start converting at a higher level.

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