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Develop a Millioniare Mindset

1. You will need to have a strong understanding that you are going to have to do things that others will not be willing to do.

2. You will need to be physically and mentally prepared to make sacrifices and trade the things you want now for what you want in the future. 

3. Mentally prepare yourself for an incredibly high amount of rejection. The amount of success you achieve is directly related to the amount of rejection you receive.

4. You must have a strong relationship to failure. Fail often and more importantly, fail forward.

5. Prepare to view discipline as a tool to help rather than a restriction or a punishment.

6. Have a very short memory. Flip the switch at the door and don't let what affected you this morning affect you the rest of the day.

7. View time as your most valuable asset. It cannot be given back once it is wasted.

8. Become protective of the company you keep. You are who you surround yourself with.

9. Have an absolutely strong, unwavering focus at ONE THING at a time. 

10. Put zero stock in the thoughts and opinions of anyone else.

11. Value advice from those who have not only gone before them but are still currently doing.

12. Have a strong why and a vision bigger than yourself.

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