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How to Stay on Track with Your Plan in 2019

Break it into small, achievable steps versus focusing on the outcome. One of the single biggest mistakes agents make today is focusing on what they are getting and what they want to get versus focusing on what it's going to take. What I would do every year is rip out the plan of action page and post it next to my computer screen so I was reminded of the ACTIVITIES I needed to do each day. Of every portion of the plan, the Plan of Action is by far the most important. 

Review your plan weekly. One thing that separates the best from the rest is the best keep their plan in front of them at all times. There is not a ton of accountability in this business so we have to be constantly reminded of what we are supposed to be doing and when we are supposed to be doing it. Read any book on the best CEO's of the fortune 500 companies and what you'll discover is that they all review their plans weekly. So instead of sticking in a desk drawer, leave it out, right on top. 

The second most important piece of the plan is the new daily schedule. There is no way you can increase your activities,  and ultimately your income, without modifying the daily schedule. Each year I look at my current schedule and I write out what I will need to change in the schedule to accomplish the activities I wrote out in the plan of action. After you are done writing the new schedule, put a copy on your fridge at home and share it with your family so they know why you are working so hard for them. 

Make revisions to the plan monthly. It is very easy in this business to get off track and to then toss your plan in the desk drawer and never see it again for the rest of the year. Doing so is like not even having a plan at all. Again, treat your business like a business and make adjustments when necessary, just like any other CEO or business owner would do. If you are behind on your goals, consider adjusting them or the activities...if you are ahead, consider raising your goals. 

Share your plan with as many people as possible. Give a copy to your coach, leader, mentor, etc...and ask for accountability. The more people that know your goals, the greater chance you hit them. Want an example of this? I can remember when I came into the office one day and Ryan K., our very first ISA ever, got a hold of my drivers license and ordered me a vanity plate (no - I am not a vanity plate kind of guy) that said "100in08". Why did he do this? Because he wanted everyone to know that our goal that year was to sell 100 homes in 2008. Needless to say, we sold 102 that year. 

Manage your expenses in a way to where you can live on 1/3 of your total income. Here's why...1/3 of your income (or more) goes to Uncle Sam, 1/3 should go into savings and 1/3 will be the amount left over to live off of. For instance, if you make 100k a year, after expenses, plan on giving 33k of that to the government at the end of the year and that leaves 66k, put half of that into savings and the rest to your cost of living. Now, you are probably saying "no way I am going to be able to live off of $33,000 if I am grossing 100k a year" response to that would be one of two; then sell more homes or two; take the 33k that you are putting into savings each year and go buy a rental house with it (either down payment on one or buy one cash). If you bought one rental property a year for the next 20 years you wouldn't have to make 100k a year to make ends meet. Give that one some thought.

Stop making dream boards! Instead, create a new vision board each year with VERY SPECIFIC things that you'd like to do, things you'd like to have, places you'd like to go and things you'd like to invest in. Keep the goals to 1-3 years goals and get real with how many transactions it will take to achieve the items on the board. Use photos and phrases and even write out the cost of whatever it is that is on your board. As you acquire/accomplish things, cross them off one by one and even get your family involved in this activity once a year at home and throughout the year as you make updates to it. 

The results you see in the third quarter of 2019 are really a result of your activities right now, so don't wait to start reviewing your plan daily like everyone else, start right now!


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