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Why You're Not Hitting Your Goals by Glover U Coach Kate Simon

1) You have a negative association with the word "prospecting":

Prospecting can be any form of a conversation with a decision making adult about real estate. Talk to someone in line at the grocery store? Prospecting. Cold call for 2 hours a day? Prospecting. Socialize with a group of friends where you bring up real estate? Prospecting. Get a message from a friend on FB regarding real estate? Prospecting. Furthermore,  understand that prospecting is a TOOL to hit your goals, not a daily punishment. The sooner we can shift our mindset from prospecting being a punishment or something to avoid, the sooner we can embrace the true "one thing" all top agents should be doing. Prospecting is NOT punishment. It is a tool.

2) You have analysis paralysis:

There are so many shiny objects out there right now. So many things to chase. Don’t get caught up in what someone else is doing, or whatever new trend you see going around on social media . Get caught up in what works for you and how to make it better. If you've had a coaching call with me, you know I always ask you about your top 3 sources of business and how to expand on THAT. You'll rarely hear me throw in the hottest lead source trend. Not because I don't believe it to work, but because I want my agents focused on doing a few things at a high level, rather than doing several things at a very mediocre level. Get some focus, put your blinders on, and get to work.

3) You're expecting to see massive results in 30 days:

You want results now. I get it. Unfortunately, unless you’re in a stable job with a predictable job schedule, there is little to be said about a predictable line of income. Honestly, even 90 days is a bit aggressive in most cases, and that's ONLY if you’re willing to do everything your coach tells you, day in and day out for 90 days. Understand that the activities you commit to take time to really have an effect. Real estate is a long-play, cyclical business. Stop hoping to see something miraculously change your business in 30 days. And, if you do think you found that magic pill, it probably won’t last. Honestly, there are dozens of jobs and industries out there where you can make a steady paycheck every 2 weeks and have evenings + weekends off. But is that really what you want? Understand that  the high reward you are after through real-estate takes long hours, hard work and in a lot of cases, high risk. Recalibrate your expectations to reflect long-term permanent growth + change rather than just quick wins that can’t be duplicated.

4) You're hanging out with the wrong people:

You are an average of the 5 people you most associate yourself with. Are you the smartest person in the room? The richest? The most successful? Then it’s time to find a new room. Are the realtors you hang out with still complaining about Zillow and how much harder it is to get contacts on the phone? Or are they being proactive in how they find their deals. Are the realtors you hang out with going on 2 hour liquid lunches? Or are they focused and committed to their daily schedules. Stop hanging around with people who make you feel like you’re “all that” and expose yourself to people doing more than you. It's only when we do this that we can really see how far we truly still have to go. If you want to know where you will be in 6-12 months, look at the circle around you. That’s a pretty good indication.

5) You're comparing yourself to others and it’s getting in your head:

Again, if you've had a coaching call with me, you know that I share with you the methods + techniques JGA uses to sell over 1,000 houses a year... BUT... I share that with the caveat that we need to find the unique way in which these methods + techniques work for YOUR business. You might have seen my post the other day about comparing yourself to a marathon runner when you are really working on running a mile. If you’ve never ran a mile, there is no way you should even be watching the marathon runner. OR, how about the marathon runner who compares themselves to someone running a 5k, and pats themselves on the back for running 26.2 miles, even though for them, it's not that much of a stretch at all. See, the truth is you can lose when you "win" against someone else, and if you're only focusing on beating YOUR best day after day, regardless of where it shakes out in the comparison game, you can still win. Its our egos natural tendency to say “Yeah, Well, at least i'm not so-and-so…” but still… are you doing YOUR best? Forget where you measure up against others. Even if you’re in first place but you’re phoning it in, in my opinion, you’re losing because you’re undercutting yourself. While having external comparison is good for healthy, fun competition, don’t let it be a reason you feel discouraged for taking action. Your business is a reflection of YOUR life and what is important to YOU... not what some social media real estate guru tells you success looks like.

6) Somewhere along the lines, you were told it would be easy:

Whether this is subliminal from all the TV shows about real-estate or maybe it's just your perception of what someone successful has had to go through to get to the top, but either way, the assumption that being self-employed and running your own business is "easy" will be a big disappointment. Creating your own business, and your own stream of income, and your own reputation WHILE running the operations and logistics of a business behind the scenes is among some of the hardest things you can do in business, because of your need to do several roles at a high level (at least, until leverage comes into play). No one is passing out commission checks on 1M+ Properties because you showed up in a nice suit wearing a gigantic watch. You have to work at it, every single day, and especially on the days where you don’t feel like it. Why? Because, someone, somewhere is out there working harder than you... and when you have to go head to head with them, they will beat you. There are a thousand "easy" jobs out there. Real estate and building your own business is not one of them. Stop expecting it to be.

7) You think there is something "special" or "unique" about your situation, thus making it harder for you to achieve your goal:

"We all have our own bag of shit." and, I'd argue that if you saw the bag everyone else was carrying around, you'd probably reach back in and grab your own. Barring terminal illness, death and other true devastations like hurricanes (which some of our coaching clients have endured through), there are very few things going on in your world which are unique to you and also a valid reason for keeping you down. In fact, some of our best clients have overcome the most horrendous situations in their personal lives. And, I believe that this mindset towards success is BECAUSE of their mental resilience in other areas of their lives. You've gotta learn to stop telling yourself you're special for enduring pain or tragedy or a tough marriage or a tough living situation. Not because I don’t care, but because clinging on to your story isn’t doing you any favors to change your current situation. Stop fighting for "your story" and start fighting for your future. I see your bag of shit. It's there. I acknowledge it. I just won't let you use it as a crutch.


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