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Secrets of Top Listing Agents: 5 Steps to 15 More Sellers This Summer


Learn the exact proven tactics and strategies that Jeff and his team use to close 60+ listings every single month. We're spending all three hours reviewing what works and giving you real actionable insights that you can implement TODAY.


Expect to Learn:

  • The 2022 social media strategies used by top producers to take more market share
  • How to write copy that gets your more clicks and leads than ever before
  • What digital marketing platforms are working today and which ones to avoid
  • Update your database plan with new methods of adding value to your four databases
  • The latest sales skills necessary to take 7-10 listings per month
  • The latest marketing strategies used by the greats to fill your inbox with qualified leads this year
  • Modern phone strategies to generate more seller leads than you can handle

VIRTUAL: 5 Steps To 15 More Sellers This Summer

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