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Taylor Kerrigan

Taylor Kerrigan has been the Operations Manager of Jeff Glover & Associates and now Live Unreal Companies for seven years. Taylor started in her role as a Marketing Assistant and later transitioned to complete every Operational role on the team; ultimately earning the title of Director of Operations. Her strengths include opening new businesses as well as creating effective process and procedures for current Real Estate teams. She thoroughly enjoys helping Assistants and Directors of Operations reach their full potential and live an Unreal life. 

Need help with real estate operations?

Join Operations Mastery with Taylor Kerrigan and learn the key components of a successful Admin/Operations role, centered around a team leader or lead agent's main goals and objectives.

Taylor has been featured on multiple Keller Williams panels, including most notably, a 1-1 interview with Gary Keller at Family Reunion. She strives to exceed expectations of all of our clients and staff on a daily basis. In her spare time, Taylor is a board member of A ReJoyceful Animal Rescue and assists in the community as much as possible.

Meet Glover U Real Estate Business Coach Taylor Kerrigan
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