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Cleveland, OH
Glover U Coach

Greg has proved himself an individual who strives for excellence in everything he does. This became evident early on in life, as he graduated with honors from Ohio University in fall of 97. After that, Greg started his career in sales selling wide area network solutions and data products to fortune 500 companies. Some of his main accounts were PNC, Sherwin Williams, Moen and Goodyear. After 8 years of successfully attaining over 100% of quota, he felt it was time to follow his passion. 

In 2004,  his passion led Greg to real estate and he immediately made an impact by setting the all time, rookie record for first year sales with over 8 Million in real estate sold at his first brokerage. Greg was later recognized nationally by RIS Media as one of the Top 50 Realtors on the Rise in America for his use of technology and sales abilities. 

 n January of 2008, Greg joined the fastest growing real estate company in both Cleveland and The United States, Keller Williams Realty! Immediately, he found that teams provide the best solution for buyers/sellers and created The EZ Sales Team! I am passionate and a champion of Cleveland Ohio.  Greg has effectively assisted in the rebirth of Downtown Cleveland, while simultaneously being part owner in a title company AND leading his real estate sales team to the #1 spot in the state of Ohio. The EZ Sales Team currently sells more homes than any other Realtor or Team of Realtors in the State of Ohio.  

 After walking the walk and building up an incredible resume of "leading through succeeding first", Greg looks forward to his next chapter here with Glover U, as he coaches high-level team leaders and sales agents to achieve their multi-faceted business goals through extreme accountability and raw truths about what it takes to succeed at a high level in this business. Greg looks forward to continuing his streak of excellence here with Glover U, by coaching you to excellence, as well.

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