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Director of Coach Development, Glover U

As a devout follower of the models and systems taught by Jeff Glover, Kate was introduced to real-estate at the young age of 19, as one of Jeff Glover’s first Inside Sales Associates, leading the charge of the inside sales team in early 2008-2009. Kate immersed herself in Jeff’s coaching, training and approach to high-volume selling, and closed 30 deals her rookie year. While working for Jeff, Kate learned the value of discipline by following a proven model, and soon found her passion to be outside of just what she was learning in college, and inside the systems and models taught by Jeff Glover. 

In 2013, Kate took the invaluable lessons taught by Jeff and rebuilt her real-estate business from the ground up in Orange County, California, where she continues to be a high producing agent, building a 10m+ business as a solo agent, by simply knocking doors and cold calling. Kates introduction to her coaching career happened in early 2013, when she found herself having weekly conversations with agents regarding how to take their business to the next level through effective prospecting, presenting and accountability. Since then, Kate has remained in coaching roles throughout her sales career, only making the shift to full time coaching in 2018 when the opportunity of Head Coach with Glover U was given to her. Since taking that opportunity in 2018, Kate has taken Glover U from a “1 client, 1 coach” company to a coaching company that now has 6 specialized training programs, 3 different 1:1 coaching products, and 10+ skilled coaches and speakers working every day on the mission of helping others live an unreal life. 

Kate believes strongly in developing others through the values and systems taught by Jeff to help agents not only transform their business, but transform their lives. 

Since then, Kate has logged over 7500 1:1 coaching hours, over 1,000 speaking and training hours, and countless life changing testimonies of how their approach to coaching has changed lives.

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