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Plymouth, MI
Glover U Coach

Taylor Kerrigan has worked alongside Jeff for over a decade. From being a Marketing Assistant, Executive Assistant, Director of Operations, Realtor and to today, a Sales Manager of Glover Agency - you name it, Taylor has done it. 

When Taylor started working alongside Jeff, the team sold around 250 homes a year and now they sell over 1,000. Jeff attributes much of the growth and success of his team to Taylor's systems and procedures. Her strengths include opening new business, managing sales and operations teams at a high level, improving profitability, improving sales and streamlining real estate businesses. 

Taylor has been featured on multiple nation wide panels, including most notably, a 1-1 interview with Gary Keller in front of 20,000 attendees. 

Taylor succeeds at coaching Directors of Operations, Sales Managers of teams and real estate agents looking to grow their businesses exponentially. Taylor teaches the Systems of Real Estate course which will teach you all of the key components of running a proactive Real Estate business. 

In her spare time, Taylor is a board member of A ReJoyceful Animal Rescue and is passionate about finding animals furever homes. 

Need help growing your real estate business?

Join Systems of Real Estate with Taylor Kerrigan and learn exactly what systems and processes she uses with Jeff's team in Michigan to sell more real estate than any other team in their state, year after year.

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