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Minneapolis, MN
Glover U Coach

William Huffman is a Founder, CEO & Board Director driving significant growth in real estate, equipping teams to become industry leaders resulting in strong performance, stable communities and a unified and principled voice in the market.


His expertise includes building a vast network of diverse and capable leaders to produce strategic alliances, uphold the highest fiduciary standards and adopt technological advancements that promote and protect the future of real estate.

As a Board Director for Minneapolis Area REALTORS® (MAR), William helps govern and make decisions that promote private property ownership and its associated rights. 

In 2020, William received the individual Titan and Team Diamond awards, was named top 40 under 40 for RE/MAX Integra Torchbearers, and earned top contributor for the Results Foundation, which gives to local Minnesota charities that build strong communities.

In 2019, after only being licensed for 4 years, William received the RE/MAX Hall of Fame honor.

William began his career in telecommunications and was a partner in a lawn care company where he quadrupled business every year until it sold.


He currently leads a team of 18 at RE/MAX Results A Good Life Group with volume of over $60M/year and has guided hundreds of families through their real estate decisions, even if that means NOT buying or selling. 



"William has helped me through so many things over the past year. Almost immediately after we started coaching, my business partner decided she wanted out, William was there to help. A couple weeks after this, my sister was in a near fatal car accident and William was there to help me balance life and work. A couple months after this, my former business partner decided to leave the brokerage we started together, William was there to encourage and push me to continue to do the things I needed to do. He's been a coach, a mentor, and teacher and a friend. William deserves the impact award, not just because of what he's done for me, but because of how many lives he's impacted through coaching and those who he will never know he impacted at the GU events. William has impacted my life drastically, for the better, in the last year. I can't wait to continue to work with him to be a better father, spouse, friend, broker and person."

-Matt H.


"I've been lucky to be where I'm at but Coach Will has pushed me to not be complacent. What I like the best is he's able to tailor his coaching and our conversations to what's needed today. I don't always like doing certain things so we adjust it where it's productive but still enjoyable. Very blessed to be coached by Will!"

-Sean L.


"William not only coached me to be more confident in selling real estate but also coached me through some very tough times in my life. He helped me navigate situations I haven't been in before and how to not feel guilty for prioritizing myself. This guy is the best!"

-Tyler R.


"William is the man. From his discipline, to his goofiness and ability to have fun, he encourages me so often to go and make the most of this life and my real estate business. William has shifted my entire perspective on being in the real estate industry. At the end of my career, William will definitely be someone that I will look back on and see the massive impact they had on my life and business."

-Collin A.


"It's hard to put into words who and what Will means to me and my life and career in real estate. Will has helped me rediscover my sense of self worth and purpose through his particular brand of coaching and leadership. I came to this team a newer agent seeking training and accountability. As the saying goes, ""Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!"" Will has the ability to see unmet potential in me and through consistent and compassionate guidance , helps me keep moving forward toward the goals that I've set for myself. His constant reminders to me that goals are met through routine, are exemplified daily as I work alongside him and watch him execute his routine. I am grateful for Will (and Sarah) for providing this special environment. Being part of this team is a huge part of my unreal life."

-John H.


"William is always available for any questions to be answered & his accountability towards my goals.|He consistently shows effort to help me become a better person & real estate agent. What makes him different than other coaches I have had is he truly genuinely cares about my successes & for me. This man at times is probably therapist too & truly love that I can be authentic & real with him which has translated into an amazing relationship plus has been getting me better results in my business. I am truly happy & glad I chose Glover U & that your company set me up with this Rockstar coach! Hands down he is a winner! Grateful & Thank you!

-Fasil K.


"Yesterday I was incredibly close to my limits because I was having to face a lot of results of not following my own boundaries and setting proper expectations. I wasn’t doing what I should be doing largely due to being incredibly anxious about not making enough and being afraid of saying no to a transaction. I was doing things better when it wasn’t as busy and it worked tremendously. I just need to follow the process.

I’ve been avoiding my P&L like the plague out of fear that I’d be not doing as good as last year. I have a call with my accountant every 4 months in addition to bookkeeping, etc. Year over year start through 5/15, I’m up 30k GCI and 20% profit! Just 2 more transactions. 4 were carryover builder sales this year. Last year was 8 builder sales to this point. Two sales this year were for a total of 4k GCI (land). I have a new profit number to beat from last year and I’ll chasing it. Thanks for sticking with me yesterday and understanding where I was at. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be able to “feel” that through the phone. I so greatly appreciate you William 🙏"

-Brandon F.


"I am feeling really positive. William is really helping me to leverage my time and really think about time as a precious resource. I have been able to take on a licensed TC who is freeing up more time for me and giving me the opportunity to take a real vacation for the first time in a long time and feel OK about it.

I have also started a CRM since Dec last year (which I did not have after $100 Million in sales volume - my guilty secret!). I am feeling confident about building my business with the addition of a nurtured database.

Coaching has been essential for me as my brokerage offers little to no support or business development for agents. Just a couple of months with William's coaching has been transformative and I'm excited to come to Traverse City for the first time to attend an event."

-Nikki A.

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