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7 Ways (plus bonus!) To Get The Most Out Of A Real Estate Business Conference

Went to Inman last week? Going to Mega Camp in a few weeks? Our Retreat next week? Your company's convention this fall? Our Summit this January in Orlando?

If you're a top producer the answer is probably yes to at least one of those because top producers know that one of the biggest secrets to success is spending time with and learning from those who are where they want to be but there's one problem...

You go to an event, you get fired up, you write down all the things and then what happens next? Where'd your workbook go? What'd you do with those notes? How's the implementation strategy workin' for ya?


Too many agents today are conference junkies. They go to see, be seen and many times just to party. Don't be one of those, that's what average producers do.

If you've ever been to a real estate business conference, you know they're generally non-stop action, from start to finish. If you've ever been to a Glover U event, you know you're going to receive more relevant information, more implementable tactics, more real estate growth strategies, and more skills training in a relatively short amount of time than at any other event you'll attend in your career. The good news is, now that you're prepared to be inundated with ideas, you can plan ahead! So, you might be asking yourself...

How can I make the most out of my time at the 2022 Live Unreal Retreat (or any real estate business growth conference, for that matter)?

Here are 7 ways (plus bonus!) to get the most out of the Retreat:

1. Take advantage of the excursions and the VIP upgrade

You come to these events to become a better agent/leader than you are now. So, rub shoulders with people doing what you want to be doing in this business. Make it a point to be where they are, interact with them and learn from them.

2. Come with a PURPOSE and a GOAL

What do you want to get out of this event? Knowing your purpose and goal ahead of time will help you plan which breakouts you'd like to attend and what kind of detailed notes you should be taking.

3. Make a minimum of 10 connections a day

Agent to agent referrals are becoming a big source of business for a lot of agents. If you do this every day, by the end of the retreat you will have 40 NEW contacts!

4. Debrief with another agent at the event (or agent on your team) at the end of each day

Review ahas, key lessons, and how you might implement new tactics in your own businesses.

5. Each day, identify these 3 things:

- 1 thing that you will implement now

- 1 thing that you will implement in the next 30 days

- 1 thing that you'll implement in the next year

6. Never miss a session

You never know when that one point/panelist/thought/breakout session will change the trajectory of your business. There are plenty of parties on the schedule! Don't miss a session because you're too busy partying ;)

7. Teach your peers when you get back

Take just ONE topic from the Retreat and teach it to your peers. Teaching a topic to your peers is a way of holding yourself accountable to becoming an expert in that subject. Just the act of teaching alone will help you become better.

8. BONUS! Identify which breakout sessions you're going to attend in ADVANCE

Don't decide 20 minutes prior. Look at each day and make your decisions based off the sessions we're offering each day and what you think would help your business the most.

Put these 8 points into practice, give yourself some direction and you'll have a leg up at any real estate conference! You've committed to the time and the cost it takes to attend an event like this and having a plan will help make it worth it in the end. You're there to change your business, maybe even your life! Get in the right mindset and make it happen.

Learn more about the Live Unreal Retreat here. Hopefully, we'll see you in Traverse City!


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