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Top 10 Video Content Ideas For Real Estate Agents

We asked our resident marketing and video content expert, Greg Erlanger to put together his top ten video content ideas for real estate agents. Greg is a Glover U coach and leader of the #1 real estate team in Ohio, of all brands. He attributes a large part of his massive success to his use of video and his in-house media team. Greg's business is marketing-based, meaning he relies heavily on clients reaching out to him because of his local marketing campaigns, including long and short form video content, rather than relying on prospecting and cold calling potential clients.

If you think your business could benefit from implementing a more robust marketing strategy, Greg also teaches Marketing Mastery for Glover U. It's a 16-week online course for real estate agents, team/brokerage leaders, and Marketing Directors in the industry. Learn more about the program here.

If you want to hang onto this video content guide, download it here.

Now let's get into the Top 10 Video Content Ideas for real estate agents:

ONE: Answer a Commonly Asked Question

Answer the most common question you’ve been asked recently. This is one of the easiest and most effective videos you can make.

Example: How is the rise in rates affecting your real estate business or wholesaling? Remember to create videos using our 6 content categories from our social media guide.

In this video you could interview a client, answer the question, offer advice on ARMs or financing solutions that keep their rate flexible (solve their problem).

Show some excitement, letting buyers know they might just be able to actually go look at more then 1 available property! (Inspire them/motivate)

TWO: Agent Bio

Sellers are going online to snoop on you. Give them what they want! They want to see what you are all about and you should be the one putting out content to tell your own story and control your own narrative.

When they find you online, are they going to trust and enjoy you as a person? Personality-based businesses need this video ASAP! Discuss your UVP (unique value proposition), something that will connect them with you personally and build trust in your ability and expertise as a real estate agent and in the local market you serve.

THREE: Local Lifestyle

Give your clients a taste of what life would be like if they lived in a specific city, town or home.

Review city/town amenities, distance to parks, dog parks, the local pool, lake life, golf courses, local events, etc.

This is a video that can be duplicated for multiple cities, towns and even neighborhoods near you. If executed properly, lifestyle videos are an excellent SEO (search engine optimization) booster. When you’re planning these videos, think about what people looking to move to a certain area might search on Google and then plan your content around those searches.

FOUR: Agent Home Tours

This is simply a home tour with YOU in the video. This type of video really sells you rather than the home, however, the home/homeowner benefit because more people engage with video content than they do with static photography.

In the video, add flair! “Flair” can be anything from ATV, golfing (if the home is on a golf course), pouring a glass of wine, getting out of a bed in the main bedroom, building a fire in the fireplace, flipping a burger on the grill, etc. Get creative and have fun!

Pro tip: Feature the clients in the video!

FIVE: Testimonial

Social validity is more important than ever. People trust what they find on the internet. Video is easier to access and more authentic than a couple of sentences on a review site that could be written by the agent themselves, pretending to be a client.

Your client testimonials should reflect your brand’s target audience and follow the marketing strategy you have planned out.

SIX: Head Turner

Catch everyone off guard and break the cadence of monotonous realtor content with absolute entertainment. Use this video to express who you are, and let people connect with you in a real way.

Example: A video of you playing volleyball, a fishing trip, dunk tank replay at the local school, a workout video at the local gym, golfing, dog park walk, camping trip, etc. Keep this video free of sales speak. It should have nothing to do with selling homes.

Keep it personal and personable.

SEVEN: City Speed Ramp Tour

This is different from the #3 lifestyle video because in this speed ramp tour, you are simply showing a portion of the city for entertainment’s sake. For example, take a bike ride along the local parkway, boat ride, golf cart on the golf course, or scooter through downtown.

*Speed Ramp: Increase speed of the video.

EIGHT: Social Event

Create a recap video for a client appreciation party, team party, vendor happy hour, office charity event, food drive, company meeting, awards night, etc.

If it doesn’t happen on social media, it never happened.

Make sure the music you choose matches your brand and the feel/goal of the video.

NINE: How To

YouTube is essentially driven by searches starting with “How do you…”

Creating videos around this type of search (and posting on your YouTube channel) will drive more traffic to your videos, exposing your brand to a larger audience.


  • How to buy and sell real estate for a profit

  • How to increase value in my home before I sell

  • How do you buy a home in Cleveland (replace with your city)

  • How to start an AirBnB, etc.

TEN: Listing Presentation Points

Why are we saving the good stuff for the kitchen table that we might never get to? Make a video calling out the most important points in your real estate listing presentation and answering commonly asked questions.

Have a client in the video with you.

Free Download: Video Guide For Real Estate Agents

If you would like a downloadable version of this list of the top 10 video content ideas for real estate agents, you can download a PDF version to keep! It's free! Video marketing isn't just for big companies with big budgets. These days, anyone with a phone can put out high quality video content every week (even every day!). And remember, if you're new to video and you're thinking you can't bring yourself to get started because you won't be any good at it, just start. No one starts at the top and the longer you wait, the further behind you'll be. So get in the game and start learning by doing. If you're looking for more guidance, Marketing Mastery with Greg Erlanger is also a good place to start.


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