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The transformative learning experiences at Glover U are designed to help Real Estate Agents grow both professionally
and mentally. We are passionate on making sure that individuals that go through our training are able to make an impact
on the world. Are you ready to reach your potential? Join us!


Unlike the others, Jeff is the ONLY Real Estate Sales and Business coach that is selling over 100 homes a year PERSONALLY (and has now for ten years) and he is prepared to share with you how he does it. While most are touting something they accomplished ten years ago or even worse never at all, Jeff is walking the talk each and every day with his team. Come see why no other trainer on the circuit today is doing what Jeff is doing.

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April 23rd, 2020

Evansville, IN

7 Steps to 100 Sales Annually

May 28th 2020

Boise, ID

0-100 Listings in One Year


July 13-15th 

Traverse City, MI

Live Unreal Retreat




Learn leadership, models, systems and operations to get to the next level for both your lead admin and rainmaker by taking a "team" approach to coaching.

Elite Coaching

Learn the steps of going from E to P, when to make them and more importantly, how to implement them. Learn industry-tested tools + techniques to shift from running your business as an entrepreneur to running your business like a CEO.

Business Mastery

Learn leadership, models, systems and operations to get to the next level for both your lead admin and rainmaker by taking a "team" approach to coaching.

1-1 Coaching

Running a great sales business but lacking operationally? Get involved in 1-1 Operations Coaching to learn the right way to run an Unreal Organization. Taylor Kerrigan will walk you through all the pain points within your business & how to fix them!

Operations Coaching

Get coached by by JGA's own ISA coach to learn how to generate seller leads in a small group setting.

Prospecting Bootcamp

Just hired a new Assistant? Let us train them! Through this four month program we will teach your new leverage everything they need to know to help maximize your business and provide Unreal customer service.

Group Operations


Don't just take it from us. These Glover U Graduates have seen a positive increase in their business since joining Glover U Coaching!

This 18 week series titled re|LEAD covers everything an agent who is running a team or leading a real estate brokerage needs to know about Real Estate Team Leadership and is completely FREE. We have found that if agents are learning, growing, making money and having fun they have no reason to leave and we look forward to sharing with you and your best agents how we climbed to the #1 Real Estate Team in Michigan and Top 25 in the country of all brands according to Real Trends. During the 18 week series we will be covering:

  • Recruiting Plans

  • Putting together a Policy & Procedures Manual

  • Conducting Productive Sales Meetings

  • Best Agent Coaching Strategies

  • Developing and Running Sales Contests

  • Built-in Recognition Systems

  • Financials & Profitability

  • Building a Culture Built on Production

  • & Much, much more!

Feeling like you have major FOMO because you missed the Live Unreal Summit last month in Orlando, well here's your chance to watch!

At the 2020 Live Unreal Summit the audience spent three days immersing ourselves in everything we need to know and do to get the absolute highest return on investment from our databases, all the while building a bigger business. What started as Jeff's event exclusively for his team, has now been opened to the public. Why would Jeff do this? The answer is simple...Jeff's passion for training and coaching others to accomplish what he and his team have accomplished has exceeded all other passions of Jeff's. Jeff believes in living an UNREAL and an ABUNDANT life and wants everyone he comes in contact with to do the same.


Here's what the Summit Replay Includes:

  • 21 Ways to Build a Massive Database with Jeff Glover

  • 15 Top Agent Interviews on how to add VALUE to Generate Repeat and Referral Business

  • Going from Salesperson to Businessperson with Keynote, Matt Sutter

  • Keynote Session on How to Be the Disruptor with The Ritz Carlton Experience Guru, Bruce Himelstein

  • Keynote Session on Creating a "WOW" Experience with Best Selling Author, John Murphy

  • How to Develop a Millionaire Mindset with Jeff Glover

  • Shocking Story Told for the first time ever with Top Producer, Sarah Rocco

  • The Behind the Scenes Steps Required to go from 100 to 1,000 Transactions with Taylor Kerrigan

  • Jeff Interviews #1 Agent in the U.S. on How They Close over 2,000 Transactions Annually

  • & Much, Much More!

  • You will receive all of the above for less than 200 bucks and you didn't even have to board a plane! Click the link here to gain access and Live Unreal!

When I first met Jeff, I had a small team and was selling 250 homes per year. Jeff had huge ideas and great vision. Over the years I’ve learned a lot from him which helped me double my business to nearly 500 homes sold per year. I have made it a point to attend many of Jeff’s events and I still shadow his team yearly. I strongly suggest anyone looking to build a big business to work with Jeff and the Glover U team.

Michael Kaim

Cleveland, OH

The training and coaching I received from Glover U were crucial to my real estate business. The knowledge Jeff shared with me catapulted my business from 27 transactions to 128 in just one year! I continue to use the systems and coaching that he shared with me almost daily in my business.

Thomas Elrod 
Ballantyne, NC

We have been utilizing Christina as a Glover U Coach for almost 2 1/2 months now and we are loving it! Christina has been so helpful with learning what are needs are currently within our business, how to grow in the future, as well as overcome everyday struggles that come up in the Real Estate world. She has been more than welcoming to us, and has forwarded on so many useful links, companies, and information for us to better ourselves, here in our smaller real estate market. Christina has pushed us to think outside of the box when it comes to being one step ahead of our competition. She continues to praise us on our hard work and is always willing to listen to us, and keeps an open line of communication even during her busy schedule. We appreciate everything she has done for us thus far!

Tricia Boerma

Mount Pleasant, MI


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