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Geno D'Angelo

Glover U Coach

Geno D’Angelo started his real estate career in 2001 at the age of 18 while attending Oakland University. Although he sold 1 house his first year, he quickly discovered a love for real estate, and knew it was something he wanted to truly master and turn into his career. Over the past 20 years Geno has put tremendous time and effort into growing his personal business and, in 2018 made the decision to grow to the next level, by bringing others into his world to train + develop by creating a team. Geno added a buyer’s agent with no industry experience, so when it comes to training and development, Geno had his work cut out for him. Yet after spending the year developing the agent, while also focusing on his own skills as a leader, together they closed 45 deals that year.


Knowing that there was more that could be done, Geno wanted to push further with his leadership skills and his own personal production. This is when Geno began attending multiple Glover U coaching programs and events and in 2019 made the decision to pursue 1-on-1 coaching . After just 2 years of intense coaching and training, Geno added an admin to help leverage his business, developed her into one of his key business pillars, while also working on further developing himself and the team. Geno and his team went from 38 transactions in 2018 to 85 transactions in 2020.


Itching for more, Geno decided to leave his big box brokerage to start his own independent brokerage, which brought forth new challenges of developing his own unique value proposition and recruitment strategies. This move granted Geno more freedom to create a brand that really represented him, his goals, his vision and his team.


Throughout his journey, Geno has always been driven to succeed and having a team has allowed him to find a passion in teaching and helping others achieve their best life through doing the same. This passion and drive with which he has led his team has tricked over to his passion and drive to help agents all over make large leaps of growth in their business through strategic leverage and immense action. When Geno isn't on listing appointments or with his team, you can find him doing CrossFit, or diving into the next best personal development book